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When defeated

We all experience defeat from time to time – whether it’s from a bad relationship, an un-understanding parent or even a big dream. It seems like sometimes when you feel you finally have it, you are doing what you love, giving GOD the glory and true praise, something goes wrong and makes you feel lost and confused and most importantly asking GOD, “Where are you LORD, I’m sinking!

Defeat is a real thing

It hurts, it’s sad, painful, and borderline indescribable because it attacks you in many different ways and on many different levels. You ask yourself, “I serve the LORD, read his Word, spend time in prayer and spread his message. Why am I always being defeated, crushed, never moving forward?” And it hurts to realise that your efforts are in vain … but maybe that’s the thing, you always want to do it with your own effort and strength.

You see, when you are defeated, so is GOD (#seriously). When you are in immense pain from whatever has brought you to defeat, it crushes Him too.

Today businesses design ads in a way that makes you think you need them. When there is a serious problem, they are right there at your aid. If you want a quality loan, you move forward with Standard Bank. Do you want a decent contract for your phone? Everywhere you go is yellow.

We cling to the need of corporate industries; however when we experience defeat, we pull further away from the LORD. We blame Him for everything –  why we are here, why things never work out, why it is so difficult to achieve our dreams and fulfil our desires. We pull away from Him forgetting that the Word says, “Come to me all ye who seek rest.”

Am I saying it’s cool to be knocked down to your knees, crying everywhere you can, feeling like YOU are the problem because too many people have taken the same road and seem to walk it perfectly yet you constantly stumble? NO.

You ARE NOT a problem

I heard something recently and I’m still trying to process and understand it so let’s try and unpack it together. I recently heard someone say YOU are NOT a problem, you just HAVE a problem. I’ll say it again, YOU ARE NOT A PROBLEM, MISTAKE, JOKE, FAILURE or DISAPPOINTMENT and I know right about now you are thinking, “It’s easy for you to write that BUT you don’t understand how many times I’ve stumbled upon the same rock. Over and over again.” STILL – you are not the problem, you just have a problem and that’s when you need to hold on tighter to GOD.

You see I’ve learnt that life is awful at times. Life is absolutely and I don’t care if you are the richest person alive, you too have had a few awful days happen to you. But an awful life wasn’t GOD’s intention. God’s aim wasn’t to make life unbearable. Seriously, what creator would make His people constantly suffer for kicks? That makes no sense, #I’mJustSaying…


When you are in this numbness, feeling as if there is no hope and that you want to give up. You need to have faith. You see the LORD says that anyone with faith as small as a mustard seed can tell a mountain to move. It SUCKS to be defeated, you put all your efforts into something and each time, you come up empty. You start to feel disconnected from GOD not knowing where He wants to take you. Right there is when your belief and faith need to come in because GOD is about helping his people in all ways. He has your name written in the palm of His hand and formed you in your mother’s womb. Why wouldn’t He want to see you succeed when He took the time to form you, He wants to see you succeed more than you do because when you are, then falling in the right steps that he has placed out for your life.

Now I’m not saying it’s easy to get out of the funk of defeat. That you can move from being pushed down even at your lowest and feeling that you are a failure to being the happiest person alive in two minutes. That’s just impossible and fake.

What I’m saying is that you need to press on and push forward in faith and belief because here’s the thing. GOD knows what He’s doing, He knows why He closed that door, He knows why that guy cheated on you, He knows why you have struggled with that addiction and He knows where He wants you to be. So press forward because joy comes in the morning

I know I’ve said quite a bit here BUT it comes down to just being accountable for your actions. Know when you did ish, even in your defeat, be honest with yourself when it’s your fault because when you have taken accountability then you can ask the LORD to guide your new steps, moving in a positive and faithful change in your life. Acknowledging the defeat may not be great BUT it can get you back up and when you are prostrate in the LORD’s strength, it can move mountains. So in everything, have faith, because that’s all He wants from you.

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