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We’ve almost reached the end of the first quarter of the year and I thought I’d stop by and ask… How happy is your self so far? In this article, I explore why it may benefit us to, like we do with our content and work, plan our self-care ahead and intentionally.

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Ah, and so it begins… The festive season has come and gone – taking with it a no doubt an eventful 2022. We’ve all turned up or maybe even down on occasion. By now we’ve set multiple and high bars for how to show up for our children, family and friends! We’ve celebrated and reflected on the years of employment, entrepreneurial journeys, relationships and friendships. We’ve held onto and repeated all of the trendy emotionally fulfilling motivational quotes and affirmations ready to take on the New Year. Iโ€™ve done it, we do it – with good reason and purpose.


POV: I found myself religiously journaling my plans on the first day of the new year and repeating fab affirmations to myself and the universe – I am woman, hear me roar! NEW YEAR! NEW ME!

Then it dawned on me, why so late? Since when do you plan for something in the midst of it? January follows Dezemba every year. We start planning for the festive season as early as October; and for some there are already conversations and research happening NOW for December ’23.

Most of what we do with grand success we plan in advance – why donโ€™t we do it regarding ourselves?
New Year New You mottos and affirmations can start whenever, and the cycle is ours to determine. But the rejuvenation process should be the daily self-work we pour into ourselves!


Yes. I don’t want to say this but self-care like a lot of the amazing things in our lives, IS WORK! We already have wash day and skin care routines, so why not self-care?

You have to actively want to practice self-care and having a self-care plan, whether it is mentally or physically, is one such way to make sure you listen to your body and mind… Even when the self cannot hear its grievances. It holds you accountable and forces you to constantly and regularly take yourself on emotionally, mentally and physically. Because if you make self-care optional or a ‘happy day thing’, you’re going to run into trouble very soon.

Creating a self-care plan means you take care of yourself on the days when self-love is hard and when you’re not motivated by vanilla scented candles.

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  1. Evaluate your current daily routine. Think about your biggest stressors and the things or people that make you happy. Are there activities you can do more of to improve your mood? Do you get enough time for yourself?
  2. Choose your favourite self-care ‘me time’ activities. Self-care happens even in the smallest and simplest things in life. You don’t have to take a solo trip to Venice or splurge on luxury spa treatments. Simple things like a phone date where you open up about what you feel, journaling, going for a walk, meditating, spending time with someone who makes you feel happy and good about yourself, listening to your favourite podcast and setting an earlier bedtime so you rest and are energised the next day are all elements of a rewarding self-care routine.
  3. Practice continuously. There is no actual right or wrong of self-care. The end goal is for you to feel good and better about yourself, your life and the relationships or activities you invest time in. It may take a little while for you to find your happy self-care place – don’t be afraid to stop doing certain activities if they no longer make you happy.
  4. Reflect + adjust. As aforementioned, the only that matters is how you feel. Regularly reflect on your feelings as related to your self-care routine and adjust it as often as your body, emotions or mindset demand.


  1. ย Better, healthier relationships: Prioritizing your social life without sacrificing your ability to take care of yourself allows you to be fully present when you spend time with a loved one, which can help strengthen your bond.
  2. Enhanced sense of self-confidence/esteem: Setting aside time to take care of yourself may help improve your self-esteem and confidence. Similarly, developing positive beliefs about yourself could help improve the health and happiness of external relationships.
  3. May improve physical health: When you intentionally take care of yourself, you are likely to pay attention to what you feed your body and help it be healthier and stronger against some illnesses.
  4. Reduces stress + tension: Self-care encourages you to relax and rest more, which will help you deal better with stress and high pressured situations. When you learn to handle your top stressors better, you could see them either reducing or having a less intense impact on your mood or week. In turn, you may find your overall health improving and your body more active and awake; avoiding burnout and/or fatigue.

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