type4girl’s Self-care Affirmations for 2021

type4girl's Self-care Affirmations 2021

We know you want to start this year strong, however our hope is that you get through it the same – that’s why we’ve written type4girl’s Self-care Affirmations for 2021.

First things first – we’d love to start by extending well wishes to you for the year of 2021. We know, it’s practically Feb already but there’s still so much to the year, you’re going to need them! We wish you and your loved ones success, positivity, great content (from a place like type4girl) and good health.

Why do I need affirmations?

We live in a beautiful world where good and even amazing things happen everyday… But it can be savage sometimes. The only thing you can truly control is your soul, emotional and mental ties to bad energy and things (or people) that throw your coping and self-care system off. Affirmations help you reset your mind and align your thoughts with positivity and steer you from the evils of self-sabotage.

HOW DOES IT WORK: Take a screenshot, copy the few that relate to you or add some of your own – make these accessible and say them to yourself whenever you feel like giving your mind a refresher on who you are and how amazing you are.

type4girl’s Self-Care Affirmations for 2021

My [say your name]

This is what I want you to remember on the good days, and on the bad days. On the days when you can’t believe how awesome you are and on the days when you’re falling apart.

1. My commitment to taking care of my self and prioritising my social, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial health isn’t selfish.
2. I deserve a good life and good things to happen to me.
3. I’m doing amazing!
4. I’m honouring my boundaries.

1. I didn’t do anything to deserve this – bad things happen to good people.
2. It’s hard to understand why I’m not where I’d like to be in life, but I’m slowly working towards my goals. I won’t give up.
3. I now understand that I can never make myself a priority in someone else’s life. I have to learn to leave when I must because there is no pressing lesson to be learnt in being where I’m not wanted.
4. Little victories and baby steps make all the difference in the world.
5. I’ll give myself time to fall apart and feel my feelings.
6. My ability to heal and move is endless – I’m going to feel better.

1. Uncommunicated expectations are a one way street to disappointment. I know that I’m a prize and I deserve everything I give, but I must always let the next person know what I expect from them.
2. I’m going to let go of self-doubt and give things a go.
3. I’m great at what I do, but I will make time for the things that make me happy and relax me.
4. I’ll define what is toxic and never be afraid to leave toxic situations.

1. I’ll rest myself and give myself time to just be.
2. I understand that sometimes I have to say no, even though it might be hard.
3. I know I’ll have bad days – but I know that it’s only a bad day in a good life. It’s never going to stay this way.
4. It’s my job to love me first.
5. I will be as great as I want to be.
6. I’ll keep positive thoughts.
7. I’ll guard myself against negativity and becoming passive toxic to others.
8. I’ll be gentle with myself always.

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