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To the Queen, AKC

Have you ever imagined life without your arm? Left or right, doesn’t matter, but have you ever thought of how life would be without it? Exactly. Well, it’s the same thing with my queen. I can’t imagine a life without her. 

You know those DRY cliche lines, “words can’t describe how I feel“? I’ll legit have to use it as well. Words can’t describe how I feel about my queen

In my eyes she surpasses Kate, Elisabeth, Kim, Taylor, Beyonce and the newest member to the female gender Caitlyn. My queen is beautiful, honest, raw, tender, exquisite, precious and overall just one of a kind. 

I really can’t remember when she wasn’t there. When she didn’t put me on her back while she cleaned the house; or when she covered my books for my first day of school; when she stayed up with me until I fell asleep because I was afraid of the dark; or when she went crazy trying to find the perfect dress for me and even after I decided to wear a suit and she was totes on board; when I realised the dream I had been chasing since I was 10 wasn’t mine; or when I thought I had found someone who truly loved me but ended up getting my feelings hurt; and let’s not forget the endless delicious meals, freshly washed laundry, hugs and kisses and of course the many injections that legit took a Sumo wrestler (which she became) to keep me down. My queen’s always been there. 

It is said in the Word that “He formed you before you were in your mother’s womb.” I also believe while he was forming you, He really thought about who’s womb you would be in. Thing is EVERY mom is one of a kind. There’s something your mom does that no other mom can do. A mom is a jewel.

I can remember once when I was young, going through that thing we call puberty and upset about life (which happens at that stage of life #JustSaying) and all I told my mom was I wished I belonged to a different family. Instead of consoling me and understanding the period I was going through, she wasted no time in giving me a nice, hard back hand and said, “I’m the only mother you’ll ever have so like it or not I’m here to stay.” As I cried I looked at her and saw in her eyes the even deeper pain I had created. #NoLies though, she really is a jewel. There will never be anyone who understands me like she does, who laughs with and at me like she does and even though that wasn’t the last time I ever hurt her feelings, she’s always been the only mom I had and quite frankly will ever want. Your mom is dope and all BUT there’ll never be another queen like mine… Queen AKC.

You see, my she has annoyed, irritated, pissed and just down right made me so angry (no really, it’s not a joke). But how much more has she made me laugh louder than ever even while her mind was troubled? Or made me comfortable when she was in no comfortable position herself? Or when she gave me what I wanted when what she wanted she could never obtain or have at the time? 

A QUEEN is a jewel whether you acknowledge her or not.

My queen, I salute you for being an amazing parent and human being, because without you in my head and always on my team loving me unconditionally like you do, I’d never do the things I do.


I mean just think of the simple biology of it all. A human carries another human being, a soul, in her belly and cares for it like no words imaginable. YES girls, women fall pregnant for all types of reasons, but it still doesn’t erase the simple biology that a soul and life has been connected to this one human, this queen since conception, birth and so regardless she must still sit on her throne.

We are all beautifully blessed in our form and shape as females. It’s how our biology while alike, that still allows us to  tell a different story, our fashion statement, our testimony is what makes us diverse and beautiful as we shape the next generation of queens. 

Celebrate the queen you were. From the times you couldn’t sleep in the dark, to the times when you cried yourself to sleep because you thought you were not worthy of any good, the times when you thought no goodness would ever come to you in this life, and even the athlete or actress you once were.

Celebrate the queen that you are. Your beautiful eyes, your luscious lips, beautiful breast, thick and formed hips, your perfectly rounded mass, your long legs. The queen you are growing into. Learning that you don’t need many people to feel whole, the great fondness you have for words and clothes, realizing that GOD is truly great ALL THE  TIME and now is your time and if it’s not now, stay close and connected to GOD so that He can prepare you for it. 

Celebrate YOU.

Thank you AKC,
For allowing me to never imagine a life without my left right arm. For you have been an irreplaceable ma’am, lady, number 1 and most importantly, QUEEN.

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