#ThisIsWoman is a collection of profiles of upcoming woman-led brands and professional WOC designed to celebrate the small victories in the journey to becoming.

Latest Interviews by type4girl.

  • Ogone Netshitumi: Favscosmetica
    Ogone Netshitumi, commonly known as Fatty.Favs, is a 17-year-old South African magazine and poetry author, content creator, YouTuber and the proud founder of Favscosmetica – a recently established beauty brand aimed at teen girls and boys. What inspired Favscosmetica? Growing up I struggled with acne and other skin conditions and I could never find one …
  • Zanele Dlamini: Zaneida Global Cosmetics
    As we grow older, we begin to understand and appreciate that beauty isn’t standard. Zanele draws that lesson from being the neighbourhood ‘monkey face’, a nickname given to her by a woman in her community. “That used to make me feel less beautiful and [I lost] confidence in myself.” Thankfully, as she grew up, she …
  • Mmapaseka & Amogelang Fakude: Co-founders, Benyang
    If dynamic duo had a band name, it would be the Fakude Sisters. Amogelang (20) and her sister Mmapaseka (25) are the co-founders of Benyang, a personal and soon to be home care brand. The sisters, who hail from Hazyview in Mpumalanga are part of a special group of entrepreneurs who dared to launch businesses …
  • Itumeleng Ntlwana: Melanin Appreciation
    Itumeleng, known affectionately as Itu, is a 23-year old Johannesburg based designer and entrepreneur who hails from Burgersfort, Limpopo. Fashion designing is a mountain she has dreamt of conquering since childhood. Last year, in November, she finally realised part of it when she launched her own fashion brand called Melanin Appreciation. “This is my childhood …
  • Makhele Bevelina Ledwaba: Villa Velina
    Bevelina Ledwaba (22) is an aspiring CA and the founder of Villa Velina, an online homeware store that offers a wide variety of unique homeware accessories that include glassware, cutlery and furniture. The company also offers home interior design services and feature their very own collection of exclusive and locally made original ceramic products. Their …
  • Titamenji Kamanga: Naturally Rooted Kinks
    Titamenji Kamanga (27), also known as Ultimatefroup on the socials, is a Zambian-born, South Africa raised type 4 Ayurvedic natural hair content creator. According to the starlet, she started her Instagram page and YouTube channel because she realised that hair was something she was passionate about and felt as though she needed to share that …

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