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Tenyeko Lebese: The Job Plug Queen

Job Plug Queen

Tenyeko, better know as the Job Plug Queen on Twitter is exactly as loving and gentle as you’d expect her to be. The 34 year old hails from Hamanskraal in a place called New Eersterus where she lives with her partner of 12 years. Tenyeko’s Twitter account, which in the last year she has dedicated to sharing job opportunities now has a follower base of over 37k followers. “I’m passionate about assisting people with vacancies and making them aware of jobs that are available on the market,” she shares.

Woman on a mission

The queen’s mission to better the lives of the youth by giving them access to information regarding available posts is a result of her self-starting and nurturing nature. She saw something that didn’t sit well with her and decided to do something about it. “I started sharing vacancies because I would log onto Twitter and see a lot of people complaining about unemployment to a point where I would even see many young people contemplating suicide because of being in hopeless situations. I then decided to be a big sister and help where I can to ease the stress and give them hope.”

To pour selflessly

The notion of pouring from a full cup is lost on Tenyeko, she herself is unemployed and doesn’t let that stop her from giving hope. “My goal is to see them employed or at least give them something to do rather than focus on our problems. My wish is to at least successfully connect 5 or more people to employment opportunities daily. I want to do this permanently because I’m also unemployed. I want to start an organization that will help with interview transportation for those who secure interviews as well as presentable clothes by getting sponsors who will assist them.”

Tenyeko shares with us that she hopes to take her passion all the way and establish an organisation dedicated to easing the burden for job seekers trying to secure jobs.

Celebrating with family

What many view as a chance to monetise, Tenyeko sees as family first. “The feedback I get of people securing jobs and interviews or even the response they get on emails warms my heart. Their excitement when they give me updates and them being hopeful after receiving positive news makes me so happy I celebrate with them as though they are my own siblings. I actually even call them my siblings.”

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