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THE BEST DAY TO SEEK THERAPY… ANYDAY! We deserve to be as great & healthy as we appear in our photos on social media

Therapy has a very stigmatizing view for many of us. We have strutted through traumatic conditions and situations with DIY remedies that we believe make us feel alright. When in reality, after scheduled therapy sessions, we realise we should have talked with someone a long time ago!


Life is definitely a learning cycle full of many lessons, tests and triumphs! And during this journey we are going to need help sometimes. I wish that as we transform into the many superwoman capes we find ourselves wearing, we normalize taking breaks, exhaling and relaxing – REALLY relaxing! Iโ€™m talking about the silent or serene meditation, journaling and self-care kind of relaxation. Not the group spa parties, the girlfriend trips or sister sleepovers, those gatherings serve their purpose and be really fun too!

Itโ€™s very Important that we focus on ourselves unapologetically. We need to revisit, and for some of us, define the intimate relationship we have with ourselves. We need to listen to our bodies, understand our thought patterns, give ourselves self-love without needing to make an announcement or receive an applause, learn to listen to our inner voice and do what makes us happy-er!


As we go about our lives, we often defer, delay or shelve self-care and simple practices like resting our bodies and minds and this only compounds the need for therapy overtime.

We are building or have built successful businesses, brands and careers. We wear many hats and often juggle many roles simultaneously. We’re CEOs, lawyers, doctors, business owners, CFOs, strategists, mothers, wives, girlfriends, sisters and whatever other title you choose to identify with in between; and all of these roles and responsibilities and experiences are important to us and are often extensions of who we are or perceive ourselves to be. But we must focus on us while being great!

We hustle and work so hard being successful and well poised that sometimes we forget us, we lose ourselves fitting into the boxes defined by who we strive to be or in some cases who weโ€™ve become. My heart sinks everytime I hear a stories of women who always look well put together but have suffered in silence for so long that the happy face facade has become normal. If you think about it, itโ€™s probably easier to look happy and actually be happy then it is to look happy being unhappy.

We actually deserve to be as great and healthy as we appear in our photos on the socials!

Take time out for yourself. Research therapists, psychologists, seek help whenever you feel you need it – sessions can even be online! And remember, sometimes all the help we need lies in making time for even the smallest practices that we consider therapeutic and relaxing. Light a candle, unplug, go to the spa, take leave, read a book, talk about the things you struggle with, celebrate small wins – be mindful of yourself.

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