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Naturally Rooted Kinks
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Titamenji Kamanga: Naturally Rooted Kinks

Titamenji Kamanga (27), also known as Ultimatefroup on the socials, is a Zambian-born, South Africa raised type 4 Ayurvedic natural hair content creator. According to the starlet, she started her Instagram page and YouTube channel because she realised that hair was something she was passionate about and felt as though she needed to share that …

Hair Growth
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This could be why your hair isn’t growing

Have you ever felt like your hair is just not growing? We’ll have you know that you are not alone. Slow natural hair growth a common ‘struggle’* experienced by many type4girls. Here’s a weird thought – unless there’s some medical issue that prevents your follicles from producing new hair, your hair is most likely always …

Protective styles
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Caring for your hair in braids

Those popular sayings about cups of tea and different strokes? Yes, they apply to protective styles too, especially braids. It seems like one of those things that we might never fully agree on. And that’s okay because we’re ‘different in our own ways’. In fact, it’s such a grey area that some natural hair bloggers …