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WHAT โ€˜SELF-CAREโ€™ REALLY MEANS: Self-care is a multidimensional process that involves doing things that will contribute to your overall wellbeing

Self-care can never be captured in a single aesthetically pleasing square Instagram feed picture. It’s more than scented candles, white hotel towels and beautiful free standing white tubs. Lesego Mothowamodimo, a professional life coach believes that self-care is something that we should all be practicing in our lives. In this article, she explains why self-care isn’t …

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THE BEST DAY TO SEEK THERAPY… ANYDAY! We deserve to be as great & healthy as we appear in our photos on social media

Therapy has a very stigmatizing view for many of us. We have strutted through traumatic conditions and situations with DIY remedies that we believe make us feel alright. When in reality, after scheduled therapy sessions, we realise we should have talked with someone a long time ago! WE NEED TO FOCUS ON OURSELVES UNAPOLOGETICALLY Life …

Blog type4girl Wellness & mental health


As a mother, wife, businesswoman and professional life coach, Lesego Mothowamodimo shares her opinion on why it is imperative to prioritise your mental health and wellness as a woman. A day in a woman’s life involves juggling being a mother, wife, working professional, caregiver, romantic partner and community contribution, amongst others. To say that this …