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Sebudisi Mafabatho: The Future of Sustainability (TotalEnergies Startupper of the Year Challenge winner)

SEBUDISI Mafabatho, who founded She-Eco Roof Tiles, won the Award for Best Business Creation Project at the 2022 TotalEnergies Startupper of the Year Challenge. The company produces tiles that are made from 30% plastic waste. The tiles have an approximate 100-year lifespan, don’t corrode, are lightweight and can be painted. According to her winner profile …

Social Media Research
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How to use social media for research

One of the first things one thinks about when they hear the phrase social media is content creation, marketing and advertising. But research? Not so much. Concepts like social media listening have been around for ages. But they’ve only gained prominence in recent times. However social media is a perfect environment to gather information and …

Reinvent your business
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Reinventing your business

In late 2019, this blog would’ve been launched as a natural hair blog called Korone ED. And now in late (very late) 2020, we’ve launched as type4girl. What happened? It’s simple – sometimes in business as it is in life, things don’t always go as planned. A 32-page business plan or presentation compiled over days …