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Now you may be wondering, “Okay the last time we saw new content was in DEC, where is S O L’?” And it’s true most bloggers and influencers will tell you that leaving the gap I have left is terrible and I admit it is, but because this is a space I love and am always honest with, I’m going to tell you why I have basically been MIA.

S O L’ ended 2017 quite rough to be honest. As you know, I don’t put my face on any of my style posts and I think that that is not only my niche but also a blessing. The reason for this is I LOVE LOVE LOVE women. I think we have strength which is indescribable, the love we share is intoxicating and the gifts we have are truly amazing. So I always feel blessed when I’m able to showcase a woman’s beauty when it comes to her love of style and fashion and self-love whether she has it in abundance or just realizing it right there and then when we start shooting.

I recently asked a lovely girl to do a photoshoot alongside me and no lies, I thought I was clear as to how things would go and the way in which S O L’ operates. I do want to note that these were special circumstances but nevertheless the rules and goals remained the same. I wanted to create a concept and we did, and it came out dope! Another note; I pride myself in creating good working relationships with the women that I shoot. It’s really not easy to not put myself on my own blog, and if I make it look easy it’s honestly only because God is always on my side.

We shoot, I edit and I post and according to ME things are 100s BUT they weren’t. You know the enemy comes in many shapes, ways and forms, even your fellow Christian who is your prayer partner can be an enemy because the evil one doesn’t want you to succeed and so when you do, he won’t bring a typical enemy which you’ve seen before he’ll bring something new to cut you at the knees. So please be careful, I’m not saying don’t trust your prayer partner, trust them, they stand in agreement with you but also realize that the enemy is everywhere and you always need to be aware and listen to the voice of God.

So things were not 100s and we ended things extremely sour and it still hurts me slightly today. Needless to say the goal I was trying to achieve was thwarted in the process. I just want to make mention of goals for a second. You must realize that when you have a goal that is attractive, people will come from all sides and want to take it away from you with both hands, BOTH HANDS!! You must make sure you protect it because people are coming from everywhere talking about how it should be 50/50 and acting like we both worked for it when you know who did the REAL WORK and whose goal it really is! Also speak to GOD as to who to allow into your brand because not everyone should be all up in your brand.

Everyone who wants to be a part of the S O L’ journey is honestly just an amazing human being. I have and continue to work very hard on S O L’ because I know where I see it going and what it could one day become. I know I still have a long way to go but I want you to understand that I am committed to ALWAYS giving you quality content.

To say I learnt a lot would truly be an understatement, but it was a difficult lesson. All of this was like getting punched in the gut. I think I’m generally heart sore, my heart was LITERALLY sore. And I didn’t know where else to go with S O L’. When you work so hard and you finally get that recognition or that light you have been waiting for then within a matter of seconds it gets taken away from you.

So naturally I stepped back and I think this is where the power of prayer comes in because when you have a passion, it’s never easy to achieve. I say this literally every second day, “if it was easy everyone would do it”, so I needed prayer to see where God wanted things to go and if this really is my TRUE passion because it happens that you think you hear it from God but actually you just really want it so you take that as the voice of God. I needed to be sure and I was. God really did answer me in my uncertainty and I think the advice of my editor helped.

Now I do most of the work on my own but when it comes to the writing and editing of written pieces as well as giving advice and yes, even putting me in my place because I’m A LOT! I’m very happy to have someone who has my back and who I force to listen to me. Someone who reminds me that I’m the QB and if I want to take this anywhere it’s going to take hard work and trusting my craft and also trusting God. So I spoke to my editor and it was advice that I needed to hear; I needed to take a step back and reevaluate, and I think when you are in the “social media” industry that is seen as the worst thing you can do because “OMG followers, likes, OMG OMG OMG” but I needed the ‘break’ because I never want to give you content just for content sake.

My content always needs to have a purpose and while my timing is not always the greatest, I want you to take something away from both the written and style posts. So I took the time to think about all the work that has and still needs to go into S O L’. Before I deliver any new content to you, I want you to know that this is very important to me, it is literally my heart. I love the likes and followers and to know that someone is reading my thoughts and appreciating the content I produce, but I don’t JUST do it for that purpose. I do it because I have a serious passion and aim to inspire you to be and love yourself and to understand and appreciate your style and expression through fashion.

Thank you for being patient with me, whether it’s just one of you out there or one million, I appreciate it. I don’t do things like most bloggers, I’m a real person with real feelings and YES life gets in the way sometimes with people talking and that thing you gotta do called living but I want you to know that I love where I’m taking S O L’ and I hope you stay on the ride with me to see where God take this unique and interesting blog I have such great love for.

Thanks for reading, you are literally my favourite people ever!

Until Next Time,

S O L’

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S O L’ is an online magazine that bases its content around Faith and Fashion. The magazine showcases the beauty of women’s personal style whilst linking them to relatable stories and bible scripture that can be applied to their day to day lives. S O L’ Founder and Director, Mwenya C, describes the magazine as a place of self-discovery. “Similarly, how we all have our own individual style is how we all have a personal relationship with scripture. By blending the two, we allow ourselves to learn off and grow from each other’s experiences” she explains.