ENTREPRENEUR | QnA with SipAndPaintSA founder Oratile Boshoman

type4girl’s Digital Content Lead Mmule chats to SipandPaintSA’s founder, Oratile ‘Miss SipAndPaint’ Boshoman about her life as an entrepreneur and journey building SipAndPaint.

Would 12 y/o Oratile be surprised you do what you do? Share your childhood aspirations + how they’ve evolved.

“12 year old Oratile would be astounded if I had taken any other route. Funny enough, my research on entrepreneurship and the different businesses that I was interested in, started just after my 12th birthday. Naturally, because I love kids, the plan was to own a day care centre. Little did I know, in my opinion, how expensive it would be.”

Sipping and painting – what in the concept? Tell us a little about how the concept of a SipAndPaint company came about.

“I came across two American Sip and Paint pages on Instagram in a row one day and my immediate thought was ‘if that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is‘. Google and other platforms then became my best friends for nothing short of 2 years. That is how I laid the foundation for my company.”

How do you sell SipAndPaint to people who might be overwhelmed by the Paint part?

“I believe that everyone is an artist. The uniqueness of your piece is what makes it special. Hence my customers are not boxed into an idea that I come up with. SipAndPaintSA is known for unleashing your inner creativity. It’s all about relaxing and having fun.”

Did SipAndPaint start as a company immediately or did it blossom into one later?

“The dream has always been to turn it into a business but for reviews, I introduced the idea to friends and family first.”

What has been your proudest SipAndPaint moment?

“Being given an opportunity to entertain my family, friends and people who didn’t even know me at the time has led me to exposure that I have attained now. I have hosted schools, law & accounting firms, construction & mining companies and the list goes on. I am excited to see God’s next move.”

What do you think Sippers and Painters appreciate the most about your sessions?

“Most of my Sippers and Painters absolutely love the conversations that we have. We touch on topics such as what they did the night before, favourite vacation destinations, relationships e.t.c. Everything and anything under the sun with no judgement. With that being said, everyone has the option to participate in the talks or to focus on their masterpieces.”

Is entrepreneurship a scam? Share about your initial perception of entrepreneurship vs your actual experience.

“Entrepreneurship is not a scam. It’s definitely more work than it seems though. You have to set goals and meet deadlines on your own accord. Self motivation has to be ‘on a hundred‘.”

I suspect people already unwind by sipping and painting with you. How do you unwind?

“My ideal unwinding day includes pizza, a glass of red wine and a feel good series in lounge wear.”

Recommend a book, movie or series you believe women, or anyone really, should definitely read or watch.

“Sistas is a must watch. The series taught me that a good support system goes a long way. Whether you find that in a family member, partner or friend.”

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