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Roeleen Adams on satin for natural hair care

Satin pillowcase

Many things can be said about the natural hair community, but one important detail about them? They will share information. One of the most shared tips for natural hair and even skin care is the use of satin. Roeleen Adams, the founder of natural hair care brand Kinks Unlocked, shared a few tips with type4girl about why a satin pillowcase is a great investment.

By Roeleen Adams

One of the things the natural hair community always stresses is protecting our hair when we sleep. This can either be done by wearing a satin scarf, bonnet or sleeping on a satin pillowcase. The use of satin products is especially important for naturals trying to retain moisture and length.

A satin pillowcase has been, in recent times widely dubbed a beauty ‘must have’ for your hair & skin and here’s why:

  • The smooth surface of satin allows your hair to slip over it, creating less friction which helps prevent hair breakage, tangling and thinning – helping you achieve healthier, better looking hair
  • It helps maintain hairstyles for a lot longer, which leads to less styling = less manipulation = length retention
  • Helps reduce hair frizz and dry hair
  • Helps with moisture retention as it’s less absorbent than cotton. Yay to plumper and more moisturised skin and hair!
  • Less skin breakouts because satin is more hypoallergenic than cotton
  • The smooth texture also prevents skin creases by eliminating pulling and tugging on your skin

If you continue sleeping on a cotton pillowcase it might result in:

  • Drier hair and skin as cotton is prone to absorb moisture and natural oils
  • More friction with your hair and skin
  • Tangled hair
  • More split ends and hair breakage

Investing in a satin pillowcase may very well be what you need to enjoy the opulence your hair and skin routine have been missing.

Roeleen Adams is a South African based natural hair advocate, digital content creator and the owner of Kinks Unlocked, a hair care brand that aims to make it’s customers’ natural hair routine effortless. Through her YouTube channel and other social media platforms, Roeleen aims to empower women of colour to practice self-love and acceptance through their natural hair journeys and teach them simplified ways to care for their hair on a budget.

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