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I used to hear the whispers on invention vs reinvention all through my movements in the art and fashion circles. The constant self analysis of how can I better present myself and appeal to my “audience” [audience being the people we put on the life performances for] becomes very much relevant. Whatever character it is and how we choose to represent ourselves, whether it’s the holistic housewife or entrepreneur.

For some of us it’s after the partying that reinvention becomes the context. For others it’s after the children are of age, or the divorce, weight-loss or BBL that reinvention becomes the osmosis of personal dialog.

We have seen these reinventions happen. Sometimes they save careers, other times they give people an opportunity to introduce their “other self” to the masses. Singers turned writers, actresses turned businesswomen, celebrity wives turned newscasters… The buzz is heavy!

People struggle through going with the flow and being the change they want to see in the world. WE HAVE LIVED THROUGH A PANDEMIC that has changed our scope on family, friends, dating, finances, travel and everything else! Some of us lost loved ones, financial security, investments, businesses and our ability to see through the hardships. For some reinvention is inevitable while others maneuvered through life like a lambhorgani on the highway. We have all had moments of solitude where the inner-voice says to the ego we gotta do something and change this! Some of us actually do the work and make the movements while others kick back and meditate on HOW to change.

The How To is different for everyone. I don’t know if there is a guide, I doubt there is one, because what makes the human experience amazing is actually doing the things we want to do, the way we know best.

I’ve invented and reinvented myself already! A FEW TIMES and I’m still making adjustments. It is like never ending evaluation of greatness. And here I am!

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This reinvention thing takes courage and is done for many reasons. We’ve seen models who aren’t ‘pretty anymore’ according to society remain in the industry and reinvent themselves, we’ve seen entertainers lose weight and popularity all at once! But the progression of reinvention is a personal journey. It’s more than hair colour and style. It can be an intense transition of self. Self-awareness, self-care, self-esteem and self-acknowledgement in addition to the new looks and nail colours.

Reinvention is extensive

No one ever watches the reinvention. By the time friends, family and business partners notice there has been a change some of them have already been replaced and YOU’VE ALREADY REINVENTED YOURSELF… BAM! Just like that!

Quick case of recognition for them… Extensive and sometimes expensive experience for us! Fear is common but shouldn’t deter you from the greatness you’ve planned for yourself because you owe yourself greatness and comfort.

Being the change you want to see in the world may start with you letting some things go and reinventing yourself when your soul and the changing seasons in your life demands it. Go ahead gurl!!! Make that change.

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