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Rediscover your passion with intrapreneurship


Are the most exciting days in your work life the ones right until the weekend after “payday”? Do you go to work only to dilgently watch the clock for lunch time and close of business? Are you bored with your job? That sounds like lack or loss of passion and the answer to it might be intrapreneurship.

In this article:

  1. Become a self-starter
  2. Be a quality team player
  3. Be hungry for knowledge
  4. Be able to adapt to change

What is intrapreneurship?

Intrapreneurship is essentially entrepreneurship in the workplace. Intrapreneurs are confidently innovative and work intentionally towards driving progress in their organisation.

1. Become a self-starter

Intrapreneurs, much like entrepreneurs, make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen. They leap at opportunities and take initiative by seeking to solve problems creatively and effectively. A practical way to become a self-starter is to always look for solutions to problems you encounter directly or indirectly and be prepared to suggest them when the time comes. 

Say you work in Facebook Advertising and one day as you’re randomly scrolling through the comments from a post, you realise that a lot of your company’s followers/fans are not being responded to and how it might be affecting your advertising. Think about how the community managers can reduce the number of comments not attended to and what changes you can do to your advertising to address the issue. Make sure you always share your ideas with your manager or supervisor and are ready to pitch them when the time comes.

2. Be a quality team player

A quality team player is able to work well in a team, considers other team members’ suggestions and are dedicated to the success of the project. Here are a few traits of a good team player:

  • You respect your fellow team members as well as their opinions, ideas and suggestions
  • You listen to others and give them a fair chance to have a say
  • You are a critical listener and thinker who can respectfully disagree or correct others
  • You can focus on playing your assigned part and not try to control/do everything, especially if you’re not the team leader
  • You are committed to the success of the team

3. Be hungry for knowledge

At the heart of intrapreneurship, is an almost insatiable appetite for learning and acquiring new skills. They never stop improving their growing arsenal of soft and hard skills and are always absorbing information as they work to progress in your career. Here are a few tips to quench your knowledge thirst:

  • Invest in short online courses
  • Read industry publications or follow an industry podcast
  • Seek out challenging tasks and jump at the opportunity to be trained for a higher position

4. Adapt to change

Being an entrepreneur means being able to pivot and change the plan whenever it’s necessary and being an intrapreneur requires nothing less. At the heart of ‘the pivot’ is failure. When you’re an intrapreneur you need to able to recognise when an idea is not going to work and quickly turn a 180. You can’t afford to let failure get you down, you have to grow through it. This group of employees or managers thrive in changing environments and easily accept and adapt to the new status quo.

The bottom-line of being an intrapreneur is to add value and meaning to your job. Adopting an intrapreneurial mindset gives you a higher sense of purpose and allows you to not only encourage the creation of a vibrant and progressive workforce, but it prepares you for a possible future as an entrepreneur who champions the same spirit in your employees.

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