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Pinky Girl’s quest to connect with her supporters and uplift upcoming female DJs online

Pinky Girl
  • Media personality Pinky Girl to launch Pinky’s Couch Sessions.
  • The sessions will involve weekly live, indoor DJ sessions by Pinky Girl, which will be broadcast on her Instagram page as well as on her YouTube channel.
  • Her guests will have an opportunity to play a set and then be interviewed about their industry experiences by her.
  • Pinky Girl herself will also regularly engage her many followers in Q&As.
  • The sessions are set to launch late this week.

26 July 2021 – The COVID-19 pandemic along with the resulting never ending lockdown has undoubtedly disrupted the entertainment industry for the worst. Live entertainment has moved into the virtual space and creatives are having to come up with strategies to bring back some of the human interaction and experience that has been lost during this time. For DJ and media personality Tebogo Mekgwe, popularly known as Pinky Girl, the sudden need to move to and embrace digital as the ‘new normal’ for social connection and musical experiences is an opportunity more than it is a challenge.

“As someone in the entertainment industry, I have had to adapt to the current situation that we are living in. Being under lockdown means that I must now focus on alternative approaches of entertaining and interacting with my supporters as well as expanding and communicating my brand,” she says.

The star is set to launch her new project Pinky’s Couch Sessions that will double as a way for her to connect and interact with her supporters as well as a platform for upcoming female DJs to showcase their craft and share their experiences in the industry. “I believe that this will be good for both me and my brand, it will be therapeutic as music is my escape. I honestly miss playing live and seeing the crowd dance to my sets, but we don’t know when things will go back to normal so for now, this will do.  Using this time to strengthen my online presence will come with great benefits, even after the lockdown,” adds Pinky Girl.

The sessions will start with just Pinky Girl doing what she does best and interacting with her followers as a way to feel out the market and garner interest and then progress into hosting some guests.


Pinky Girl is the pinnacle of the modern-day empowered woman – she’s black, gorgeous, educated, living her soft life by her own rules, gracefully draped in pink and loves women. One sitting with the Pretorian beauty would be enough to debunk every little misconception about women who look like her.

The DJ graduated with a Computer Science degree and worked in IT, but shares with me that she really only does music for the love of it. “I love music, I know music!” she emphasises. That love is what drives her goal to, by meticulously planning and executing the project, create quality content and prioritise the engagement of audiences while retaining the humanness of it all.

Naturally, Pinky’s Couch Sessions is inspired by the very people she is essentially building it for – women. “I interact very well with girls, I love women! I always get DMs from young girls wanting advice and asking how I became a DJ,” she says. These requests and other experiences engaging with young women has opened her eyes up to just how many young women actually want to become DJs – a fact that initially startled her but now contributes to her quest to uplift and get female DJs started on their journey to DJ glory!


Although she doesn’t consider DJing as a career, she appreciates that for others, there’s nothing to fall back on and being a DJ is very much a career, which only makes it that much harder to navigate. Her Q&A sessions are designed for those hard conversations. They will serve as a space where she can give her unfiltered advice and share her experiences in the industry amongst a host of other things.

Like a lot of fulfilling things in life, the road to becoming even a fraction of a household name in what is a moderately saturated industry is no easy feat. “Being in this industry is so tough, it’s not easy. You can be a good DJ but if you don’t know the right people, it’s wasted. So I want to use my platform and brand as Pinky Girl to give other young women the opportunity to get their name and talent out there. There are plenty women who are amazing DJs or aspire to be DJs but there are a lot of them in the market, this a platform that’ll help those that follow me to perfect their craft and get their name out there,” she concludes.

For real time updates on Pinky’s Couch Sessions, follow Pinky Girl on Instagram.

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