Reinvent your business
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Reinventing your business

In late 2019, this blog would’ve been launched as a natural hair blog called Korone ED. And now in late (very late) 2020, we’ve launched as type4girl. What happened? It’s simple – sometimes in business as it is in life, things don’t always go as planned. A 32-page business plan or presentation compiled over days …

rice water hair growth
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Rice water: Myth or magic?

Before rice water, it was coconut oil… Until it wasn’t. The coconut oil trend that spread like wildfire in recent years was quickly controlled when it came to light that the organic miracle worker wasn’t the girl she and everyone thought she was. BUT, there are people who still swear by it, and the same …

Protective styles
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Caring for your hair in braids

Those popular sayings about cups of tea and different strokes? Yes, they apply to protective styles too, especially braids. It seems like one of those things that we might never fully agree on. And that’s okay because we’re ‘different in our own ways’. In fact, it’s such a grey area that some natural hair bloggers …