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ORDINARY GIRL TO GIRLBOSS MASTERCLASS: Helping women think outside the money box (by I Am Able)

Mable Monyela is the girlboss behind I Am Able, an emerging by women for women brand that aims to teach and show women that wealth and happiness are attainable. 

“There is nothing I believe in more than winning together. When I find something beneficial, I wish to share it because I believe we can all win if we hold each other’s hands,” Mable shares.

Ordinary Girl To GIRLBOSS: The Masterclass

The pandemic, the decline of the local economy and the consequential high unemployment rate inspired scores of people to monetise their skills and talents and venture into self-employment.

Mable wanted to be part of those providing solutions to the never-ending economic challenges faced by many women thinking of or trying to start or build businesses.

“I wish to help women become GIRLBOSSES in their own right in hopes of inspiring them to think outside the box and use their passions, talents, or just about anything to start businesses, network better, venture into multiple streams of income, and make self-development the new trending topic to hop onto. I want to reach as many GIRLBOSSES as possible and I cannot do it alone, but together we can touch many lives.

By signing up for this masterclass we will be working together in helping each other reach as many GIRLBOSSES as possible and push them to step outside of their comfort zone and make it happen for themselves. IT STARTS WITH US.”

HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT from the Ordinary Girl to GIRLBOSS Masterclass

The digital Masterclass will take place on Zoom, on the 5th of October from 19h00 to 21h00 CAT. The access fee is R350.

✨ Attendees can expect to get exclusive insights into starting a business or taking the first steps in securing multiple streams of income from just about anything. It aims to help attendees gather the courage to leave their comfort zones and start.

> > A Girl’s Girl, how Mable got here

Mable is a teacher by profession. She tells us, “I was based in China for the past two years. I left my native country (South Africa) in search of something that sets my soul on fire. I didn’t find everything there but I discovered a few gems about myself that would help me navigate my life.”

For the duration of her stay in China, they were under lockdown and she couldn’t even visit home, but she admits the experience was invaluable.

“I loved China, my experience there was one for the books and the teachings I took with me are for a lifetime. It was amazing. One of the best experiences of my 20s, if not my life! But it got overwhelming not being able to visit home. I ended up only staying for the sake of a stable income. Once I discovered the aforementioned nuggets about myself and life I had to ask myself – what’s next? The power of those two words! To cut the long story short, I became a blogger and an entrepreneur and I am back home. I launched my very first product – The I Am Able 2022 Planner and it was well received to a point of selling out in South Africa.”

Mable describes her big seller Planners as the most CHIC Planners in town.


When Shanghai (a city in China) went on lockdown again this year, the self-starting girlboss had one question in mind – how can she help the next expat?

“That’s how the Ordinary Expat To Business Owner Masterclass project was born. With the great impact it had in China, it became the brainchild for the Ordinary Girl To GIRLBOSS Masterclass which I am bringing to South Africa – I had to bring it home. At the core of everything, I want to serve and help where I can and that’s what this Masterclass project does,” Mable says.

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