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Ogunmakin the Stylehairven

Ogunmakin Adedoyin, better known by her Instagram handle, @Stylehairven, is a natural hair digital content creator. She creates educational natural hair care content and shows women how to style their hair in different fabulous ways. She also creates multi-media video content for brands. “My earliest experience of natural hair was when I was 16. I had grown out [my hair] for over 2 years for the sole purpose of relaxing it. If I was more knowledgeable or had access to enough information [like] we [do] now, I wouldn’t [have relaxed it]. If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t make that decision. I believed that natural hair was boring and not beautiful,” she shares.

Ogunmakin is in the business of natural hair education and most people who know her know her for exactly that. She’s built a community of over 18k followers on her haircentric Instagram blog. “My natural hair inspired my IG blog. I started my Instagram page when I was transitioning to natural hair and I wanted to document and share it with other people.” It might be hard to believe but she swears by just one strategy if you want to build a massive followership on Instagram – consistency. “The only strategy that I implemented and worked on was to be consistent. Before the pandemic, I wasn’t consistent because I was a student but [after] the pandemic hit I had just graduated and had enough time to be as consistent as possible and that was what really helped my account grow quickly,” she says.

Her vision is for her brand to reach and impact millions of people all over the world through natural hair education.

3 things Stylehairven dislikes hearing about African natural hair

  1. That natural hair is boring,
  2. that it requires ‘the most’, i.e. you have to use a lot of products to have nice looking natural hair and
  3. that our natural hair is difficult to work with

Launching StylehairvenCollection

Stylehairvencollection is an extension of Stylehairven. “I make and sell wigs and crochet hair.” The Insta socialite is very handy when it comes to hair, including doing her own hair and extensions. “I thought to make money out of what I know how to do.”

Fun facts:

  • She hardly goes out or travels – her favourite place is home.
  • She enjoys Nigerian songs the most.
  • Her best asset is her confidence.

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