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Nsindiso Khumalo: Make sure your hair is always hydrated, dry hair breaks

IG: @nsaya_mntungwa

โ€œThis is the story of a girl who progressed from self-doubt and feeling very worthless for a lot of years, all because of external factors such as bullying and failing at doing things that everyone else could do. Until she finally discovered herself and her purpose in life, turned her whole perspective about life around and blossomed through her talents. I used to suck at sports as a kid and that would get to me all the time because other kids were good at it, so for the longest time during my childhood I thought I was worthless. Finding my new love, art, made me a whole again and made me unlearn so many things I had fed my mind. I felt that because I didn’t align to the “beauty standards” that had been set by my peers that was why I got get bulliedโ€ฆ But fortunately, over the years all of that changed.

One of the contributors to me finally gaining my confidence would have to be being exposed to models on social media, who looked a little something like me, went through similar traumas, but were still leading successful lives, so I thought maybe if they went through it, unlearned all that they’d been told, so can I.

I wish that one day I get to share my past experiences, to mend broken souls.

I’m the proud owner of a small business now that sells hair accessories, Nsaya Creations, I also do people’s hair part time and right now my aspirations are to get into the fashion, modeling, art and entertainment industries.โ€

When did your natural hair journey begin? It began in 2017, I had a big chop after I had been transitioning from chemically altering my hair for 2 years before that.

What do you think the natural hair community is reluctant to share? The fact that shrinkage is normal and it should be embraced more. It’s not always that you’re going to be able to braid your hair at night just so that it’s stretched. Sometimes we’re too busy for that. If there’s one thing we should plug each other with, it would definitely be how to style shrinkage.

What do you think is the biggest myth about natural hair? That using certain hair products is what grows your hair more. Nope, sometimes it’s simply people’s genes or how you take care of it, not what you use on it. You can use as many products on your, but if you’re doing it wrong, you won’t see any results.

Name as many black girl owned hair brands off the top of your head. @lovekinks_za, @afroamare, @washdaybyziwo, @sebo_women, @nsaya_creations, @umqhele_wakwa_nsaya and @luscious_beauty_studio

Do you agree with the notion “I AM NOT MY HAIR”? Yes, because our hair does not diminish the beauty we have as individuals. Our true beauty lies in how our hearts and mind are shaped like.

If you met someone who was thinking of or had just returned natural, what 5 tips would you give them about natural hair care?

  1. Formulate a natural hair care routine that works for you.
  2. Use a product only if it works on you, not because you saw it on someone, what works for someone else’s hair won’t always work for you.
  3. Wear a silk/satin bonnet at night.
  4. Make sure your hair is always hydrated, dry hair breaks.
  5. And make sure to wash your hair at least once biweekly.

What product or regime would you recommend for winter? I have High porosity hair, I would recommend the flaxseed and monoi oil from Aunt Jackies.

Twists, threading or braids? Threading.

High puff, space buns (two puffs) or no puff? Space buns.

Braids (micro/box), cornrows or twists the whole day? Box braids.

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