Conversations on Coils is a Content Series by type4girl that seeks to explore what we, as the natural hair community and enthusiasts, are not saying. We asked the naturals from our Instagram community what they feel needs to reiterated and how they understand “I am NOT my hair!”.

Join us on this Natural Hair Experience that seeks to hear, educate and empower the naturals that we love.

Mashudu_Prudence: Take time to UNDERSTAND your hair

“I am a woman who's filled with kindness, integrity and compassion. I am strong and authentic. Those who know me ...
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Bombeleni Baloyi: SHRINKAGE is your hair’s best friend

“I've gracefully settled into my true self with age, in all aspects of my life. For many years I struggled ...
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CURLE.MOHH: My hair represents only a fraction of who I am

“The first thing I like to say about myself is that I am essentially a writer. That is one part ...
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Nsindiso Khumalo: Make sure your hair is always hydrated, dry hair breaks

IG: @nsaya_mntungwa “This is the story of a girl who progressed from self-doubt and feeling very worthless for a lot ...
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Bethany D: You can’t know me based on my hair.

IG: @bethany_vw “An independent woman who has learnt how to love herself and her hair. Through the hardships I have ...
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Dorianne: Healthy hair should be considered good hair

IG: @justdorianne “I’m Dorianne (pronounce door-ree-anne), I’m very particular about the correct pronunciation of my name. I was named in ...
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Jacquline_S_Oliphant: We are all students, no one person’s hair journey is the same.

IG: Jacquline_S_Oliphant Like most people who really don't like being asked 'to tell someone about themselves', Jacquline stutters at the ...
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More in Natural Hair

Dimakatso Lekekela: Nobody else can design your life for you

An innovator of note, Dimakatso Lekekela, 31, is the Digital Marketing and Brand Specialist turned founder of dietary supplement company Zuri Nutrition. The highly energised CEO, who holds qualifications ranging ...
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5 natural hairstyles to try

Style Inspo: 5 protective hairstyles to try

Our hair is versatile, one of the many reasons why we say it's magic - but sometimes, you want to try something else... Something protective, maybe something like these 5 ...
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Naturally Rooted Kinks

Titamenji Kamanga: Naturally Rooted Kinks

Titamenji Kamanga (27), also known as Ultimatefroup on the socials, is a Zambian-born, South Africa raised type 4 Ayurvedic natural hair content creator. According to the starlet, she started her ...
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Hair Growth

This could be why your hair isn’t growing

Have you ever felt like your hair is just not growing? We’ll have you know that you are not alone. Slow natural hair growth a common ‘struggle’* experienced by many ...
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protein:moisture balance

Protein:moisture balance, what you need to know

[Editor's Story] I have been natural for just over 5 years and for most of it I have successfully avoided (not recommended) learning anything about natural hair topics like protein:moisture ...
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rice water hair growth

Rice water: Myth or magic?

Before rice water, it was coconut oil… Until it wasn’t. The coconut oil trend that spread like wildfire in recent years was quickly controlled when it came to light that ...
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Protective styles

Caring for your hair in braids

Those popular sayings about cups of tea and different strokes? Yes, they apply to protective styles too, especially braids. It seems like one of those things that we might never ...
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