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Mashudu_Prudence: Take time to UNDERSTAND your hair

“I am a woman who’s filled with kindness, integrity and compassion. I am strong and authentic. Those who know me would describe me as someone with a high sense of self-awareness that doesn’t conform to societal standards. I find happiness in helping those in need and living a life of service.”

When did your natural hair journey begin? My natural hair journey started sometime in 2018 – I woke up one day and decided to cut my hair.

What do you feel the natural hair community needs to do away? Binging and spending big on hair products and wanting to try them all. You don’t have to splurge to find ‘good’ products. It’s completely fine to find products within your budget that works for your hair – remember that what works for the next person’s hair might not work for you even if you have the same hair type. We need to take time to study and understand our hair so that we can care of it based on what it needs and not what someone else is doing. Only then will we achieve the results we want.

How do you think we can drive more unity, understanding, education and tolerance in the natural hair community? I absolutely love the hair events that we can attend like Clicks Curls as well as online events and YouTube channels from fellow naturalists, these are all amazing initiatives that expose us to local natural hair and beauty products and services. I always get inspired and empowered to embrace my crown.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about natural hair? That it’s expensive to maintain. Like I mentioned, natural hair care can easily be affordable if you shop around for what works for you in terms of price and quality. A hefty price tag doesn’t guarantee that a product will be good for your hair.

Plug a sister – name as many black girl owned hair brands off the top of your head. @lovekinks_za @nilotiqa @afroamare @masodi_organics

Do you agree with the notion “I AM NOT MY HAIR”? I am not my hair. I feel there’s so much more to a woman than what her hair looks like. My hair doesn’t define who I am and as a woman, I want to be seen beyond my physical looks. How I wear my hair is simply how I choose to, at that moment and time, express myself.

What are your top tips natural hair care tips? I swear by the LOC method. L – Liquid: Always hydrate your hair. Lovekinks ZA sells beautiful spritz bottles that you can use for your water and leave in conditioner mix to hydrate your hair. O – Oil: Natural hair oil of your choice to lock/seal in the moisture for example coconut, avocado or castor oil. C – Cream: To lock in the moisture so that your hair stays moisturized for longer.

What habits or practices would you recommend for winter? I normally keep my hair in protective hairstyles, moisturise my scalp regularly (even in braids) and always sleep in a satin hair bonnet -@keydos_syles sells them at affordable prices.

Twists, threading or braids? Twists.

High puff, space buns, no puff or however my shrinkage decides to shine? However my shrinkage decides to shine.

Micro/box braids, cornrows or twists? Braids.

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