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KGOPELO AFRICA joins type4girl as a Basadi Bohlale Collaborative Founder

Kgopelo Africa (formerly Kganyo Africa) is a beauty company set for its launch this year. The gender-inclusive brand prioritises melanated skin and the education of its community about their legacy and the responsibly sourced ingredients that make up their product range.

Tshepang Maleka, Basadi Bohlale’s Accounts Lead shares her excitement over the pending launch and new collaboration. “The Kgopelo (founding) story is one of the most tragically beautiful stories I’ve heard in a while. Having been in contact with Dimpho Mashile, the co-founder of the brand, for quite some time, I can confidently share that ours and Kgopelo’s communities will both really appreciate the work that is being put into the brand.”

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What is a Collaborative Founder + how do I become one?

‘The Basadi Bohlale Collaborative Founder is an individual who is dedicated or committed to, whether directly or indirectly, using their purpose, talent or time to further the empowerment or development of women.

Our CFs prioritise or seek to (in the future) prioritise the employment, workplace advocacy, education and entrepreneurial development of women through their companies, (and/or itโ€™s socially responsible projects) or organisations.’

[Extract from Basadi Bohlale for Founders Scope]

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