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Jacquline_S_Oliphant: We are all students, no one person’s hair journey is the same.

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Like most people who really don’t like being asked ‘to tell someone about themselves’, Jacquline stutters at the idea. She describes herself as a bubbly and hyper-organised to a point of OCD person… who is surprisingly scatter brained and forgets things easily. Admittedly, she talks a lot and has a dysfunctional brain to mouth filter, but she still considers herself a friendly individual, with, according to her friends, a resting bitch face. Jacquline loves hair and travelling, reads a lot and is obsessed with Korean dramas. She also shares that her hair is her first love because that’s how people identify her at first – she is her hair. Side bar: She also has one of the cutest and contagious laughs that shines bright whenever she has nothing more to say.

When did your natural hair journey begin? December 2015

What is the one thing you think the natural hair community is afraid/reluctant to share, acknowledge or admit? That we are not all experts in the natural hair game. We are all students, no one person’s hair journey is the same. We are constantly learning and that’s what makes this journey so much fun.

What, in your opinion, is the biggest misconception/myth about natural hair? That genetics plays the biggest role in hair growth.

Put a sister on. Name as many black girl owned hair brands off the top of your head. Nguni Botanicals, Native Child, Girl Boss ZA, Afrosense

Do you agree with the notion “I AM NOT MY HAIR”? Nope. I am definitely my hair when people see me they see natural hair.

If you met someone who was thinking of or had just returned natural, what tips would you give them about natural hair care? Stick to your hair routine make it your hair Bible your chronicles.. 1st being DEEP CONDITION.

What product or regime would you recommend for winter? I have low porosity, low density hair and I’d recommend the LCO method ALL DAY. Make moisture your friend in winter.

UNPOPULAR OPINION: Trimming your hair a lot does not help with any hair growth.

Pick your no fibre fighter: Twists, threading, mini braids?


Pick your puff fighter: High puff, space buns (two puffs) or ‘no’ puff?

High puff.

Pick your fighter: Braids (micro/box), cornrows or twists the whole day sis?

Twists the whole day sis!

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