Yay, house rules!

Because everybody needs some rules.

These rules are not meant to make life difficult for women. If you feel any of these rules are offensive, we apologise from the very bottom of what is our super deep and big pink hearts that you feel that way. With that being said, the best thing about the internet is that you can find a platform that suits you better, this one ain’t it.

  1. Be kind and respectful of the next woman.
  2. Never be shy to call out problematic views… especially if they’re ours.
  3. Women should wear what women want to wear.
  4. Women should dream as big as women want to dream.
  5. Women should do with their hair whatever women want to do with their hair.
  6. Women who prefer tapered square acrylics men should protect women at all costs!
  7. No man wants a woman who (seriously) tell corporate to pay women what they deserve.
  8. The best women are girl this has nothing to do with women, we think men and countries really need to do better to protect women and young girls.
  9. Makeup is supposed to en- believe her.
  10. There’s something about women who this “it could be your daughter, sister, etc” narrative shouldn’t be the backbone of your activism against Gender-based Violence. “As long as you don’t accuse someone I know” and “she’s lying because I don’t know her” activism is detrimental to the fight against femicide/GBV.
  11. Period pains aren’t even as ba- we actually love to see WOC win, it’s satisfying.
  12. You, our girl, deserve all the success and money that you’ve spent years working hard to secure. Don’t ever be silent, speak up and speak loud even when it isn’t the popular thing to do.

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