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HAPPY NEW GOALS! You deserve to have a happy, meaningful life experience!

What’s your plan before or after the party begins? As we begin to bid farewell to 2022 and usher in the new year, there’s a lot we have to be grateful for and a lot we have to let loose and leave in 2022! 

I’m sooo looking forward to celebrating the survival of another year! And prepare for the beginning of many new journeys. We all have had lessons learned, experiences shared, personal and business growths and some unfortunate losses. How do we separate the lessons from the baggage and prepare for the next year without transporting the baggage?

I’ve lived a few decades to date. Some years were monumental and I could re-live them over and over again! There were some I chose to intentionally forget and others when I think I may have been on autopilot. I’ve learned there is comfort even in the discomfort of growing, learning or living through the consequences of my decisions. I remember when I realized I wasn’t in control of anything and learning to lean on God was the hardest thing for me. But leaning on the bosom of God and being obedient to His instruction and guidance was all I had to do. I had to be present. I had to be obedient. And life was just coming together, on all platforms. I was looking good, smelling good, feeling good, my children were good, I was speaking right, praying nicely, finances were right and I was in the presence of grace. 

The accumulation of wonderful things and material blessings were nice and well appreciated but it was only the gift from moving in obedience and in operating not in purpose but on purpose. The reward was being in the right mind and capacity to see and appreciate the growth and gifts! 

I found myself in places at tables and speaking at engagements that even in the present time I don’t know how I secured or reached. I didn’t know who introduced me to those people nor how I was received… And in obedience and with protection and favour I moved through cultivating networks  locally and abroad.

Things to Help You Jump Start the New Year

1. G O A L W R I T I N G

Journal your goals! Keep the journal handy and write the busines ideas, plans, random thoughts or dates in that book. Compile information in no specific order, mind dump all those ideas you have that come to you at different times throughout the day and night into that book. 

You’ll find when it’s time to start to bring things into fruition. You have everything nearly outlined. Make phone calls, meet with agents and look through retail window spaces or business suites. Visualize and see yourself there, vibrant and thriving successfully. 

2. C R E A T E   A  V I S I O N B O A R D

Solo or in a group get together with like minded people, hors d’oeuvre and have a vision board party. Magazines, markers, scissors, pictures and goals, personal or business is all you need. 

Following the vision board completion, put it somewhere and watch those goals fall into place. 

It is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G experience when shared with like minded people and it gives you an opportunity to get all those dreams and wishes out of your secret headspace. 

Visualize, Pray, Meditate, Manifest and watch your plans blossom into fruition. 

3. N E T W O R K

Network how and whoever you think will be influential in aiding in your dream. The strengths of social media provides platforms for growth, everyone seems very accessible. Like, Follow and Grow!!!

 Whoever says dont talk about your plans doesn’t understand the power of networking. We can’t let fear get in the way of growth and opportunity. Talk about your plans with the right people! We have the innate ability to know who and what feels right, then we back that up with research!

4. R E L E A S E

Write a letter to yourself, email or text!  Have a self-talk. Apologize and congratulate yourself on those things you need to address. Get therapy. Be happy and INTENTIONAL!

We owe ourselves the space to shed and correct ourselves. To forgive and move forward. Lessons have been learned, some lessons maybe relearned for the 3rd, 4th and 5th time. Keep living!!! Life is happening and you deserve to have a happy, meaningful life experience! Congratulate and make corrections moving forward. 

AND DON’T LOOK BACK there’s a new year ahead of you! Successful 2023, here we come!

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