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Guide to your Value Proposition

An ebook by Vivre Consulting on finding your Value Proposition

If you’ve had any interest in owning a company or organisation, then you must’ve heard about what’s commonly referred to as a USP. So what is a USP or Unique Value Proposition? Guide To Your Value Proposition explains this perfectly. “More than being the Unique Selling Point or explaining what your offering is, the Value Proposition is a holistic statement of how your offering will make your clients’ lives easier or better for having engaged with it.”

The ebook sets out a series of relatable examples, important questions to ask yourself and practical activities to aid you in ensuring that your clients and customers keep you first in mind. By the end of the guide, you won’t only have a very good idea of why your clients feel they ‘could just get it from Shop X next door’ but you’ll also know how to change that by associating a “good feeling” with your products or service.  Guide To Your Value Proposition aims to help lead you to that ideal place where your clients understand and know the value of your offering and actively seek your brand out when there is a purchase choice to be made.

This guide is especially perfect for startup entities struggling to differentiate themselves from their competitors or express that value to clients and themselves. Get the FREE ebook at

“Emerging small businesses and NPOs looking to become industry giants within their niche must look towards establishing operational, functional and business strategies that showcase their UNIQUE value in order to support that growth. The first step towards doing this, naturally, is establishing their UNIQUE value, which we hope will be made simple with this guide.”

Siyamtanda Mdingi, Founder & CEO, Vivre Consulting
Value Pproposition

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VALUE PROPOSITION CONSULTING We consult with enterprise leaders to facilitate their understanding and communication of their UNIQUE value proposition.

BUSINESS STRATEGY CONSULTING We help emerging enterprises establish Value-centered business strategy to improve their enterprise performance.

FUNCTIONAL STRATEGY CONSULTING We provide solutions around refining the day-to-day activities of the enterprise, and introducing Value-centered thinking at this level of operations.

OPERATIONAL STRATEGY CONSULTING We provide solutions that improve upon the operational activities of the enterprise at every stage of its lifecycle.

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