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FOUNDER’S NOTE 2023 | The Big Year has come a long way since we first launched in 2021. The Big Year really started last year with the launch of our first ever programme – The Basadi Bohlale Initiative for Founders (also Basadi Bohlale Collaborative Founders Initiative).

Since then, we’ve been on a journey of evolution and reflection – rebranding and reimagining who we are. But our vision remains the same – to become a top destination for smart African women with ambitions to transform their lives, careers and businesses and empower forward. This big year, our focus is on intentionally translating that vision and our philosophy to consumable, relevant content and viable initiatives.


To us, content is queen and our contributors are the true heroes of the type4girlverse. Last year we onboarded our first group of contributors and growing our editorial team of writers remains a top priority this year.

We’ve also committed to giving paid opportunities to experienced writers to deliver well-researched and highly technical articles.


type4girl is a media company and our long-term goal is to create and share content in varied formats. The audio component is in the form of our podcast, hosted by yours truly. Through ATBW (According to Black Women: The Podcast) we aim to deliver content that speaks to otherwise ordinary women doing the best they can. A light, unfiltered and honest experience told by modern-day black women.


The first Issue of Director Woman Magazine (DW) was published on the 13th of April 2021. For the last few months, the digital publication has been one of our top rebranding priorities – shifting from hosting the flipbook version on an external site to bringing it home; then moving away from multiple features in a single edition to individual focus Editions.

Like type4girl the company, our magazine is still a work in progress in 2023. DW remains one of our highest value sub-brands and we aim to work on improving its delivery and settling on a format that gives you the best experience of our brand and the amazing women we write about.


This is currently the star of the show. We’ve opened our digital home to the brands of women just starting out in their entrepreneurship journey. This year we’re excited to improve the Initiative by creating a brand partners initiative to explore the facilitation of a network of women-owned brands working to help like brand builders launch their products and services.


We recently relaunched the Smart Girls Club (SGC). The first newsletter of the year was delivered to all of 200 smart women signed up to right at the beginning of the year and I’m so  to openly commit to making sure we stay consistent. The SGC is also the best way to stay up to date with everything happening at type4girl. You can sign up at the bottom of this page or email to be signed up manually.

In 2023, we’ve set many goals and naturally, one of them is getting this number up.

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This is a lot of PLAN for 365 days with shaky electricity and signals and a small team but we’re focused. Me and all 4 of my amazing helping hands.

We may be a small brand, but we don’t plan on staying small. We’re a big brand in the making, we’re women and we’re smart ideas.

I hope you’ll join me in making 2023 The Big Year.

Remember, sometimes the worst that could happen is you look ‘stupid’, like millions of us black girls surviving on God’s good humour trying to spin gold out of the magical combination of being lazy/sleepy girls with soft dreams and expensive taste and the desire to shake our asses on a yacht in a thong on our own dime – take the chance.

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