This issue is an awe-inspiring collection of career and business stories summed up perfectly by one of our featurees’ names – KGOSHIGADI, Sepedi for QUEEN.


DW Fastrack, the Kgoshigadi Edition (04)


DW Fastrack August Edition


This issue is an awe-inspiring collection of stories summed up perfectly by one of our featurees’ names – KGOSHIGADI (please, I’m so jealous of this name as moPedi.) And she truly is a queen by the way – she knows it, can back it up and isn’t afraid to say so, I love her! Her story is on page 18.

I was really left in awe by these queens’ stories. You have Sharon, a mommy and entrepreneur who calls herself outrageous, Tumelo who, at first glance, might almost come across as having 27 hours a day, Smangele who’s passion and talent for hair took her all the way to the M&G top 200 Young South Africans and finally, Kgoshigadi who walks in reign and navigates the media industry with grace.


Like we unfortunately have these last few years, we’re closing yet another “Happy” Women’s Month (yeah right) with heavy hearts and fear at the hands of GBV. There doesn’t seem to be any or enough urgency in our government’s actions and it’s frustrating. We’re angry alright, but women are starting to feel like the government, along with the leagues that are supposedly built for women, aren’t angry with us. The people with seats at the table are not angry enough to put down their political costumes and show up with and for the women of South Africa.

Everyday “AM I NEXT?” becomes less and less a question… and more a statement. That is why I want justice to be loud and harsh, we need justice to be aggressive and decisive.