5 Frequently Asked Questions

This is almost everything you need to know about us.

Just in case the “Who we are” section baffled you, here are the answers to other questions you may have.

What exactly does type4girl. do?

type4girl, is a media and education company founded in South Africa. We primarily target business- and professional women of colour. What we do is content. We come up with and produce written, audio and/or video content aimed at educating, positively influencing and empowering our target audience.

Is type4girl. an NPO?

No, we’re a for-profit business.

How does type4girl. make money?

In the next few years, we’ll be transforming into a fully-fledged informal education media company offering various learning and networking opportunities that include idea incubation programmes, events and reading materials. We’re also constantly developing our brand on other media platforms and improving our advertising and marketing streams.

Who is a type4girl.?

Every woman of colour.

Who owns type4girl.?

type4girl. (the blog) and type4girl the media (the company) are both (wholly) the brainchild of a South African type4girl.


Get involved!



We’re looking for African women with a unique, fearless perspective on issues affecting the modern-day black woman – who want a platform to talk about what everyone else is afraid of touching. You sound just like the girl we think you are. We have various platforms where you will be heard. Submit your essay to our editor for consideration.


Feature stories by type4girl.

Are you or do you know a girl/woman below the age of 20 (19 and lower) who doing amazing things at school, in business, as an activist, creative, artist, etc? We want to know about you or her. Please submit a brief profile/bio to our editor for consideration.

Contribute Content

Editorial Team

If you’re feeling particularly Word Persony and have excellent grammar, consider this. You can write an article about something or someone in entrepreneurship, career or natural hair and might (high-key) publish it.

Let’s talk business

Advertising, Marketing, PR & Collabos

How’s about we grab a virtual cup of [insert your poison] and talk business? If you’d like to work with us or discuss a PR opportunity, please send your enquiry to our team and one of our rockstars will be in touch. Registered NPOs are welcome to send support or sponsorship requests.


Hosted by Masekane Mopedi

A podcast for the modern-day African woman that will help you come up with and breathe life into your big ideas. Served with a side of honest monologues, consistent content and endless punch quotes.