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EVENTS | WITH RATO’S Lerato Sookane to host an all white GATHERING OF QUEENS

Midrand – WITH RATO is preparing to host a second installment of its social events for women themed ‘YOU ARE A QUEEN’ this Saturday.

Model + Finance professional Gail Mokwatlo and Digital Creator + entrepreneur Barbara Moagi will be the speakers and honoured guests on the day.

The event is sponsored by Event Planning company Enyula Concepts. Further event details are contained in the event poster below.


About the event’s theme, Lerato shares, “The aim is to help refine women’s identity around the topic You Are a Queen.

We aim on shifting the negative thinking women [often] have on themselves and restore the belief that their identity defines worth and royalty, in hopes that they will make decisions that match their worth.

‘Queen’ [may] be one word but it definitely upholds a million descriptions. Being a queen ties to who you were born to be. Royalty is attached to who you are. All women were born for “a” throne.  The question is: What throne were you made for? Many women carry the perspective that queens are chosen based on what they have done and what they have achieved, but there is a big difference between who you are and what you have done or where you have been.

My mission is to redefine this perspective. You are majesty because of the purpose you have been given on this earth. Whatever that purpose is, it is magnificent for the fabrication of future generations. We are able to fill spaces efficiently when we are confident in the role we play and not in the role we think contains power.

There are hundreds of thousands of flowering plant species on this earth and each one of them releases their own unique scent, with no attempt to imitate. In the same breath, the energy you possess can only be possessed by you and yes, that energy contains royalty.”

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