What you thought.

Now is not the time to doubt your creative genius.

We’re looking for essays, poems and short stories by awesome women of colour.


We’re looking for informed essays and fantastic literary pieces with a reference to any of the following topics:

  • Current Affairs
  • Economic and/or social injustice and/or institutionalised or internalised prejudice
  • Women of colour (in history or present times) and/or unique factors affecting them
  • Africa
  • South African national holidays excluding festive holidays/ festive season holidays
  • Children (development, education or protection)
  • Education and organisations that promote literacy

If you feel strongly about a piece of content you wrote that does not fall in any of the above topics, please pitch it to our editor. Business, finance or economically themed pieces should be submitted as a Contributional Piece, not an essay.


We love that you’d like to send us an essay, poem, commentary pice, etc and we’d like you to please (pretty please) keep that same wonderful energy when you fact check/research, edit, reference (very important for essays) and proofread it BEFORE sending it through. As a company whose model relies on quality and impactful content, we and our readers expect only the best from you.

If you’re looking to start or improve your writing career (with 0 experience writing), sending a below par literary piece is not the way. The best advice is for you to first (kindly) contact our editor explicitly stating your intentions and desire to better your writing skills. That being said, we’re not really in the business (yet) of grooming content writers so don’t expect too much. However, you’ll get some feedback and be put on a list and be one of the first to know once the opportunity arises. Still love you tho.


Please refer to the image below for a preferred article format, if all else fails, use this exact format – we can appreciate that the format for poems will be different.


We’re your girl next door, we write that way too most of the time. But you might not be her and that’s what we want. The pieces published under this category of writing are not required to follow any style or tone.


Please email the following to our editor with the subject line Re: [Content type] – [Content title] E.g Re: Poem – Now that we’re people

  • Include an amazing bio (you’re a writer, amazing should be your middle name) at the end of your piece (skip at least 4 lines before you do)
  • Attach 1 clear image of yourself to your email
  • Attach your piece
  • Include any relevant links, details and contact information


Does a submission mean publication? No, we reserve the right not to publish content we receive. Your work remains your work and we won’t publish it anywhere else or share it with another entity without your express permission.

Will I get paid? Unfortunately not. We only pay writers for solicited content pieces. However, we might, from time to time publish collections of works for which writers will be paid – this information will be shared on our website and socials.

So why would I want to do this? You’d like to get more of your work published online, you want traceable references, you want to establish a following for your bigger plans, you’d like to establish yourself as a thought-leader or you just love black women and writing as much as we do. You’ll also get special deals on resources and first consideration on paid projects.

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We’ll treat your content as we should, like treasure. ps: If you’re a published writer/freelancer and you’d like marketing opportunities with us, drop a note to our editor in your email.