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ENTREPRENEUR | When to hire a business coach + 3 things you WON’T FIND IN A BUSINESS COACH with Kefilwe Lekabe

No business owner is an island – whether your ‘partner’ is a fellow business owner, an actual business partner or your mentor or coach, you can’t do entrepreneurship alone.

We had a chat with SME Business Coach (amongst many other things) Kefilwe Lekabe to help entrepreneurs identify when they may need to lean on a business coach to guide their business towards their vision and to debunk popular industry myths about expectations from business coaches.

What are the top 3 motivators for business owners to bring in a business coach?

  1. They need new ideas or a new perspective on the business. This is especially true for solopreneurs. Solo founders often need someone to bounce ideas off and get suggestions or feedback.
  2. They feel stuck in their business and have no motivation to innovate or move forward at the time. 
  3. They need someone to be accountable to in order to do the things they need to do and/or  get out of their comfort zone, for instance engaging with their customers.

What is the actual role of a business coach vs common misconceptions about their role?

MISCONCEPTION 1: Business coaches do the work for you and give you all the answers. They are consultants and they will run after you to get things done.

Business coaches help you broaden your thinking, and inspire you to think better and bigger about your business.  We help you set clear goals and enforce accountability to make sure you do the work to achieve those goals. We get you excited about building your business with a healthy dose of reality.

In most cases, business coaches will have access to ample resources, and they will give you the resources or pinpoint you to the resources. 

MISCONCEPTION 2: You will make money instantly from working with a business coach.

A business coach guarantees nothing for your business, but they can help you build a roadmap, which can eventually bring in profits for your business. Your coach can’t swear to when exactly you will achieve your set targets or goals in your business,but trust that they will expose you to proven methods that work.

MISCONCEPTION 3: A business coach is like a therapist or counsellor.ย 

We try to be empathetic and understanding of your personal situations such as family or money issues, but we are not here to help resolve those issues, and we aren’t qualified to.

Our focus is strictly business performance related. So sometimes it might feel like the advice you get from your coach clashes with your feelings or what you are going through personally. Try not to mix business with pleasure when working with a business coach and understand that we are primarily concerned with what’s best for the business. 

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