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DON’T BURN OUT: Tips from a recovering workaholic

I’m actually tired of sighing, life’s hard, innit? But the last thing you need? Burn out. I’ve always known that I’m terrible with idle time. Everytime I post something related to taking a break or vacation, I’M REALLY TRYING TO CONVINCE MYSELF TO DO JUST THAT. But that’s also usually my undoing, I’m a hard and maybe even smart worker to a fault.

It’s not that I have too much to do (okay, maybe.) But it’s mostly because I DO WAY TOO MUCH. When I first started working in corporate as a business consultant, I (cue JHud) gave myself over to my job. I lived and breathed it when my dad prayed I rather did that to the good Lord LOL. After a couple of months, my body crashed and had had enough.

The same happened almost every year since for about 4 years until I decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. So, this here is a little guide based on my experience on how to danxe your way around burnout… The bitch!

1. Study your unique tell-tale signs of burnout

Like a terrible flu, our bodies react to burnout differently and aggressively. This is a reactive tip but it will serve you well, especially if you’re a workaholic and just can’t help yourself. Try to see what changed when you were burnout so you’ll know in advance next time you start to slip into a burnout phase.

2. Breathe different air, take a vacation and unplug

I know, YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOUR PHONE. But, and this is a real problem for entrepreneurs, you need to have days that are off-limits to work. And switching your phone is the simple solution. Take a few days off when you can to enjoy the beautiful scenery SA and Africa has to offer. RELAX A LITTLE, you deserve it.

3. Work-life balance is a myth, find HARMONY instead

This is how millions of people with different jobs and family structures are still able to genuinely smile when they pull the cover at night. Balance is simply not attainable because we’re human and live in a dynamic world. Harmony is really a codeword for you finding a routine that works FOR YOU. Don’t be obsessed with giving the same effort and energy everywhere, because you simply can’t.

4. Work out, stay active

I hate that I’m saying this, but it’s not a terrible idea. Exercise gives ypu endorphins, and they’re really good for your mood. So do something that gets your heart rate going, jogging, riding a bike, yoga, pilates, sports, outdoor activities like mountain climbing and hiking… Or even dancing to your favourite amaPiano song. These activities are all a way for you to detach feom your busy life and may help you avoid (yeah, sure) burnout.

I think the takeaway here is straightforward – YOU COME FIRST. It’s terrible to suddenly disappear to fix a kink in your life, but it’s the most beautiful thing to make your health and wellbeing a priority. You can’t be productive with a broken machine.

I hope this helps. Remember to share your comments and thoughts with me. I welcome topic suggestions too. I’m (this is a secret) also thinking of doing reviews for black girl owned businesses… What do you think? Let me know please.

Well, that’s it for this journal entry. I’ll see you again soon.


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