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Dance to His jam

What’s your jam? You know that track or album that just makes you so happy, and no matter what’s going on it’s bound to get you on your feet and make you dance like you have no worry in the world. Did you know GOD can create that same feeling?

When I was young it was “Oops I did I it again” then came “Survivor”. After that, it was “Candy Shop” closing in on today’s “Baby”, “22″, “Drunk in Love”, “Happy”, “Tuesday” and now everyone’s favourite line, “Running through the 6″. Throughout the years there has always been a standout song. Something that has everyone jamming. It’s catchy, fun and the main reason why we all love music so much, it allows us to escape and be the artist and their lyrics. As much as music can be understood by the soul, so can GOD.

GOD is a happy God, funny too and it’s sad that the stereotypical view of GOD is a superpower in heaven waiting to cause pain and wreak havoc in our lives when that’s the total opposite of who GOD really is. I’ve learnt recently that when things aren’t 100s, when your relationships are non-existent with the people you love, or you are working so hard at this dream that only you see and want so badly to become a reality, or you want that guy to like you BUT you’re afraid that you may actually annoy him. When things aren’t 100s THAT’S when things are 100s.

“THAT makes no sense, #LikeSeriously”. You have a point, it doesn’t make sense BUT it does to GOD because when you start to fully and completely put your trust in Him, you see the happiness even when the clouds are grey.

You see ever-lasting happiness with the LORD is not something you can buy. You can’t pick it up from a counter at the supermarket. I’m not saying you can’t be happy, you can be happy. Everyone can be happy. Life can be great, especially when there is no serious crisis and everything in your life is good. You even gladly tolerate morning traffic BUT the problem starts when something does happen. When you find yourself in the middle of chaos, that happiness disappears like the wind.  But when your happiness is rooted in the LORD – and things get so hard that you constantly question if you can even make it through another day. I’m talking, “LORD I’m so tired right now. I know you give us things we can handle BUT I legit don’t want to do this anymore. I’m tired of this baggage, of this constant headache. I’m under a lot of pressure and now this too? I’m just so tired” – you still remain happy because your happiness is not based on an event or the fact that there is no White House Olivia Pope drama to “Shake it off”. You are happy because even when things are not 100s, they are 100s because the LORD is by your side. This, everyone is actually called joy.

You see GOD longs to speak to your soul. He longs to plant a seed of happiness into your life BUT it’s all about trust. It’s about finally saying, “Okay LORD, I give you complete control” and that isn’t easy to do. Putting trust in something you can’t see or touch? Not many are fans of giving “All of ME” to that idea.

“Now Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” Hebrews 11:1
It’s not just you, “Thinking out loud”.  It’s being sure that the LORD your GOD truly has your BEST interest at heart and even when they are “Mean” or they “Steal my Girl” and when “I knew you were trouble” dawns and you don’t know the lyrics He’ll always be there. He’ll “Come Thou”. That’s what it means to have a song of GOD playing within your soul.

When a GOD song plays within your soul a “Brand New Me” appears, you hear the “Bang Bang” of worry and self-doubt break down and you start to develop an “A Team”, “Titanium” mentality. Knowing full well that there is a greater plan than this one on earth. Just as it reads in Colossians 3:2 “Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things”.  Always remember GOD is preparing your soul for the things above.

So don’t be a “Suit & Tie” of this world – allowing your emotions to be controlled by the lows and highs that life throws at you but embrace that we are all “Royals” of the Most High. 

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