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We are constantly looking for new and fresh articles to share with our community. If you would like to send through an article for consideration, please read these guidelines thoroughly before hitting send.


We only accept articles that fall under our main categories namely –

  1. Entrepreneur,
  2. Career and
  3. Natural Hair.

If you can’t tie your piece back to these three, then you’re better off not pulling the trigger. If you’re wondering how you’ll be sure your work is aligned to these categories, ask yourself this – would your article be influential, helpful or insightful for an entrepreneur, a professional or a naturalista? If your answer is a meandering/hesitant yes or a sad no, try something else – your current idea probably isn’t suited for our platform or brand as is. An easy fix is to find an angle that will allow you to give some tips or statistics and practical motivation.

The reason why it is important to do the little self-evaluation above is because your article is sent directly to our editor (who is probably busy editing some THING for this blog as you read) – nobody wants to sit for hours reading articles that won’t educate or positively impact our readers.


We love that you’d like to send us an article and we’d like you to please (pretty please) keep that same wonderful energy when you fact check/research, edit, reference and proofread it BEFORE sending it through. As a company whose model relies on quality and impactful content, we and our readers expect only the best from you.

If you’re looking to start or improve your writing career (with 0 experience blog writing), sending a below par article is not the way. The best advice is for you to first (kindly) contact our editor explicitly stating your intentions and desire to better your writing skills. That being said, we’re not really in the business (yet) of grooming content writers so don’t expect too much. However, you’ll be put on a list and be one of the first to know once the opportunity arises. Still love you tho.


Please refer to the image below for a preferred article format.


We’re your girl next door, we write that way too most of the time. Typically, a topic will tell you how to write it and what tone to use. Ideally, you should’ve read at least an article per category so you’re familiar with the general writing style we use.


Please email the following to our editor with the subject line Re: [Article name] – [Category] E.g Re: How to start a business – Entrepreneur.

  • Include an amazing bio (you’re a writer, amazing should be your middle name) at the end of your article (after the conclusion)
  • Attach 1 clear image of yourself to your email
  • Attach your article
  • Indicate if you’d like to be a regular contributor so we can add your to our mailing list and inform you of editorial themes and other opportunities


Does a submission mean publication? No, we reserve the right not to publish or share articles we receive. We might choose to publish it at a later stage for editorial reasons but we’ll let you know if this is the case.

Will I get paid? Unfortunately not. We only pay writers for solicited articles. However, if you think you’ve got what it takes to take on the responsibility of being a full-time contributor writing quality articles on demand and in line with current themes, please email your resume and rate card to our editor and we’ll consider you for the gig.

So why would I want to do this? You’d like to get more of your work published online, you want traceable references, you’d like to establish yourself as a thought-leader or you just love black women and writing as much as we do. You’ll also get special deals on resources and first consideration on paid projects.

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