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FEMALE DJs JUST AS TALENTED: Coco Brown is determined to break industry barriers

Born Kgomotso Taukubong, Coco Brown started her DJing career seven years ago. This was after she and her former partner won a DJing competition that took them to Fuse Academy, which DJ Zinhle owned at the time. She won first place in the recent Miller x Boiler Room DJ challenge, which took place earlier this year. This saw her playing live at the Boiler Room stage in Cape Town, alongside Zakes Bantwini.

Coco Brown says life hasn’t changed drastically since the Miller x Boiler Room win. Her experience, however, has led to the realisation that now, more than ever, she needs to put more work into her artistry. The recognition from Miller has set her apart from my peers. For her, this is an opportunity to build her career further.

‘’I believe that DJing is my purpose. As a woman in the industry, there is an impactful difference that I am supposed to make by continuing to serve people through the art of music,’’ says Coco Brown.

Like most people, Coco Brown has had a lot of highs and some lows that became defining moments in her career. Her trick is to remain consistent and stay true to who she is. The industry will continually change, but you mustn’t let that define you or your brand.‘

’I think there used to be a shortage of women who were DJs before. Now that there are more of us, the industry is somewhat obligated to acknowledge and listen to us. We are more vocal about what we want. In addition, we are determined to show that we are just as talented as male DJs and deserving of the same opportunities they get exposed to,’’ adds Coco Brown.

She concludes, “My future plans include making and releasing music while collaborating with more brands and creatives. My life’s mission will always be what God makes it, right now though, I believe it’s to help people.”

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