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Christine Amongin, CEO of Kris Amo Africa Fashion

Christine Martha Amongin know just as Kris by many is a fast rising young African entrepreneur. The 21-year old is the founder and director of Kris Amo African Fashion a clothing brand focused on African Print designs (Ankara). She also serves as the Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at The NextBigIdea256.

Christine, who you might think deserves 26 hours a day, is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Makerere University and a Diploma in Law at the Law Development Center in Uganda.

Even with a demanding schedule, she tries to make time for things that make her happy. Christine loves to cook, chill and have fun but wholesome conversations, learn about other cultures and discover new things at every chance she can.

Inspiring Africa

The inspiration behind her growing brand came from within. “It all started as a passion for making things happen and getting things done,” she shares. “[That] coupled with a deep love for fashion and African Fabrics pushed me to do something.” And so she founded Kris Amo African Fashion. She believes that she’s building something bigger than herself and Uganda and aspires to intercontinental greatness.

Christine gives all the credit to her mother for her success. “The key factor to why I’m so amazing is my Super Mom with her unending emotional support and constant guidance.”

Modern-day working student

Being a working student has its fair share of difficulty. “I think the hardest part of being so young with the responsibility of a whole brand is the daily struggle to juggle my job, academic life, social life and the brand. This calls for so much sacrifice and most times it is at the expense of my personal fun time with friends and all. But I believe everything gets better with time.”

Christine wants other ambitious African girls to know that they’re amazing. “Don’t be afraid [of starting] small. [And] never give up no matter what life throws your way  –  whether it is negativity, gender discrimination or emotional violence, face all those head on with courage and build [your] business amidst it all.”

Fun facts about Christine

  1. She loves dancing – “I love dancing so much! Especially in the bathroom and infront of my mirror. Unfortunately I’m a very poor dancer.”
  2. Her nick name is Mongino – “Some of my relatives call me Mongino as a nick name and I really like it when they do (LOL). It makes me feel like a little girl again each time.”
  3. She only looks tough/mean. “If you aren’t close to me you’ll think I’m very tough/mean but I’m really all about good vibes and happiness all day.”

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