Director Woman Magazine Issue 01

Charlon Muntsoane, CEO of Divine Emporium

Charlon Muntsoane is a 26-year old qualified Chemical Engineer and entrepreneur. The young creative founded her businesses, Divine Emporium – a hair salon and Divine Events in 2018. Divine Emporium was especially fuelled and driven by Charlon’s “passion for creativity.”

For any start-up business that relies on word of mouth as the main marketing strategy to generate leads, quality delivery and customer service are an indisputable priority. “Over the years, I’ve built a reputable brand by ensuring that my clients are serviced to their satisfaction,” she shares. Charlon also attributes some of her success to her dedication to constantly improving her craft. “I take the time to educate myself about my industry and learn new skills everyday.” Building meaningful connections goes a long in promoting your business’ sustainability and Charlon knows that. She’s had the pleasure of working with some well-known names “through building a solid network of individuals who recommend and spread the word about [my] services.”

Charlon describes herself as a mother, perfectionist, creative and creator who is passionate about everything she does. She believes effort is everything and strives to deliver quality always.

When you lead a life as demanding as that of a working entrepreneur, you will certainly need a hobby that grounds you and makes you happy. Outside of her professional and business life, Charlon is a travel enthusiast. “I always incorporate my experiences from all corners of the world into my décor and events management business.”

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