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Changu Mbulawa: Insta-polished, and busy

Changu Mbulawa, who goes by Cii on Instagram, is as smart as she is Insta polished and busy. The Gaborone-based blogger juggles life as a Psychology and Sociology student, fashion content creator and budding startupreneur; so it’s not surprising that her days are fast-paced. “[My day] mostly involves me trying to find the balance between school, creating content and also working on my mini business, but in everything I do I make sure to prioritise my schoolwork that’s the most important thing to me at the moment,” she says.

This is Director Woman’s quick QnA with the Insta starlet.

DW: What do you stand for?

Cii: I stand for justice and fairness.

DW: What do people assume about you (or female content creators is you will) that isn’t true?

Cii: A lot of people think I’m mean and hard to approach and I actually find that hilarious because I’m such a chilled person and so easy to talk to.

DW: Black women need more…?

Cii: Love from other black women. I genuinely feel like a lot can come from just doing this simple yet big thing.

DW: Your feed highlights make you seem like an avid traveller, what have been your favourite destinations?

Cii: Lol. It’s funny because a lot of people think the same thing but in all honesty I haven’t travelled as much [but so far my favourite destinations are] Swakopmund, Namibia and Cape Town, South Africa.

DW: Are there brands you’d never work with regardless of the size of the bag?

Cii: HAHA definitely. There are just certain brands that I feel don’t necessarily align with me [or my] likes. So I wouldn’t work with them because ultimately I wouldn’t be enjoying what I am doing and the goal [for me] is to enjoy it and have fun with it.

DW: What top 3 beauty or fashion brands would you love to work?

Cii: MADE BY NAYO, Bras N Things and EGO.

DW: What are your top 3 tips for beginner digital content creators?

Cii: In no way am I saying I’ve succeeded in this field but I hope these tips help:

  1. Don’t settle for less than what you are worth,
  2. If a brand doesn’t align with you, rather decline the offer, and
  3. Don’t be afraid to shoot your shot with brands you want to work with, you’ll be surprised what can come from that.
DW: Do you feel influencers/content creators should share their feelings over political or social/economic injustices, prejudice, etc. on their platforms or is it always better for ‘the brand’ to strictly stick to what you do (on social media that is)?

Cii: Personally I don’t really share my feelings on the above mentioned topics however I do feel like it is important to and moving forward I definitely want to start engaging with my followers regarding these topics.

DW: What is the best advice you would give a teenage girl who identifies with you or your background?

Cii: Focus on yourself and give love to yourself, you are the most important person in your life. Once you love yourself and truly know yourself everything else will make more sense.

DW: What has 2021 been about for you?

Cii: I’m not going to lie this year has been a little difficult for me but through it all I’ve managed to see the beauty in it and it’s all been about trusting God and the plans he has for me. I’ve been prioritising my mental health more and my happiness. I’ve also learnt to stop accepting the bare minimum whether that’s in relationships or just shitty service at a restaurant lol.

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