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type4girl's Self-care Affirmations 2021

type4girl’s Self-care Affirmations for 2021

We know you want to start this year strong, however our hope is that you get through it the same – that’s why we’ve written type4girl’s Self-care Affirmations for 2021. First things first – we’d love to start by extending well wishes to you for the year of 2021. We know, it’s practically Feb already …

Reinvent your business
Entrepreneur type4girl

Reinventing your business

In late 2019, this blog would’ve been launched as a natural hair blog called Korone ED. And now in late (very late) 2020, we’ve launched as type4girl. What happened? It’s simple – sometimes in business as it is in life, things don’t always go as planned. A 32-page business plan or presentation compiled over days …