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HOW PROTECTED IS YOUR FINANCIAL STABILITY? Here’s how to manage financial uncertainty through Risk Cover

In this article by Liberty, Kedibone Chuene, Chief Product Marketing Specialist at Liberty helps unpack why it’s becoming increasingly important to get risk cover and the different types of cover you can consider getting. The past two years have been an eye-opener for just how quickly one’s lifestyle and livelihood can unexpectedly change. As a …

Blog Personal Finanace type4girl

Estate Planning For The Benefit Of Your Child(ren)

Estate planning has emerged as a priority for South African households since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially for parents who want to ensure their children are looked after should the worst happen.  In 2021, the Master’s Office, which oversees the administration of estates of deceased and insolvent individuals, estimated that about 70% of …

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How to make the 2022 budget work for you?

Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana has shown that he recognises the stress ordinary households are under by subduing tax rises and repositioning other personal taxes. Sheila-Ann Robey, a Liberty Financial Adviser, believes that the Minister is very aware that many families are struggling to cover their living costs and wants to assist them by not raising …