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Villa Velina
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Makhele Bevelina Ledwaba: Villa Velina

Bevelina Ledwaba (22) is an aspiring CA and the founder of Villa Velina, an online homeware store that offers a wide variety of unique homeware accessories that include glassware, cutlery and furniture. The company also offers home interior design services and feature their very own collection of exclusive and locally made original ceramic products. Their …

After your business fails
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4 things you should do after your business fails

It can be daunting to think business again after your business fails, but it’s doable. According to bizcommunity, an average of about 50% of startups fail within the first 24 months of operation – in that time, a regular entrepreneur could’ve come up with hundreds of other viable (at least in theory) business ideas. In this …

Reinvent your business
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Reinventing your business

In late 2019, this blog would’ve been launched as a natural hair blog called Korone ED. And now in late (very late) 2020, we’ve launched as type4girl. What happened? It’s simple – sometimes in business as it is in life, things don’t always go as planned. A 32-page business plan or presentation compiled over days …