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Director Woman Magazine Issue 01

Mpumi Lusu

Mpumi Lusu is a model, entrepreneur and student currently studying towards becoming a professional chef. type4girl: Describe yourself in 3 words. Mpumi: Authentic, bold and driven. type4girl: How long have you been growing your hair? Mpumi: I went bald in September 2018 (accidentally – story for another day *LOL*) type4girl: If you could only use …

Director Woman Magazine Issue 01

Lethukuthula Mathebula

Lethukuthula Mathebula (26) who hails from Nelspruit in Mpumalanga is an Assistant Audit Manager for Deloitte UK. “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic I’m doing my work remotely from South Africa. It sucks because I can’t travel and explore at the moment however the experience I am gaining is truly invaluable.”  After 2 degrees, 2 board …

Director Woman Magazine Issue 01

Sne Vilakazi, CEO – Vukawanele

Between now and 10, 15 years ago, would you be surprised at where you are today? For Sne, it’s a definite yes. “I thought that my life would just be linear.” When she was in University, like most people there, she thought she would finish her Marketing and Communications degree, top it off with a postgraduate qualification in …