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Bombeleni Baloyi: SHRINKAGE is your hair’s best friend

โ€œI’ve gracefully settled into my true self with age, in all aspects of my life. For many years I struggled with being a people pleaser, which weighed me down. I am Chartered Accountant by profession and a proud Wits alumnus. I am living my dream – 6 years ago I wanted to in work in banking and own certain assets and God has made it my reality. I love food, fashion, interior design, music and hair content.โ€

When did your natural hair journey begin? My current hair journey started in 2016. I had relaxed my hair for 2 years, and found it to be high maintenance.

What do you think the natural hair community is reluctant to admit? That we all make mistakes and that’s how we learn what’s good for our hair and what isn’t.

How do you think we can drive more understanding, education and tolerance in the natural hair community? What I’ve observed is that having the wide range of hair enthusiasts has assisted with having more value adding opinions that people use to make well informed choices regarding their hair. We just need to keep on learning and sharing, which is key to building a solid foundation for our community.

What do you feel is the biggest myth about natural hair? That the use of particular products or brands outweighs the benefits of a good and healthy hair routine. For instance, the first question I usually get asked is “what products do you use?” instead of “how do you maintain your hair?”

Plug a sister – name as many black girl owned hair brands off the top of your head. Vana Naturals, Love Kinks , Nilotiqa , Afrobotanics , Masodi, Natural Hair Co and AllthingsbySihle.

Do you agree with the notion “I AM NOT MY HAIR”? I used to believe it, but I am my hair. You can tell my mood by the state of my hair. The love and effort that I put into it is exactly what I want the next person to see. My hair is a great part of me, I celebrate it so much that I would be lying if I said I am not my hair.

What are your top 5 natural hair care tips? 1. Be patient and kind to your hair. 2. Strive for healthy hair first. 3. Invest in satin headwrap/pillowcases. 4. Understand your hair type. 5. Constantly improve your hair routine from knowledge you gather.

What is your recommended winter regimen? I have high porosity hair. I recommend Shea Butter, less shampooing unless you have build up, Co washing and a good protein treatment.

Unpopular opinion? Shrinkage is your hair’s best friend.

Twists, threading or braids? Twists.

High puff, space buns, no puff or however your shrinkage decides to shine? High puff.

Micro/box braids, cornrows or twists? Braids.

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