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BOIPELO SIBANYONI: Like ink I want to make a permanent mark

Boipelo Sibanyoni who hails from Pretoria, is a self-professed ice-cream addict, Public Relations GRADUATE, model and the FOUNDER of Interior Design company boipeloedits. The company is still in its infancy stage and they focus on providing professional organising services. “Currently, our purpose is to help our clients ORGANISE their spaces with class by developing organisational systems that will be useful for extended periods of time. We organise pantries, closets, fridges and garages,” she explains.

Age: 22
Business name: Boipeloedits
Operating since: November 2020
Based in: Gauteng
Instagram: boipeloedits

Boipelo wants to be remembered as a person who touched souls and like ink she wants to make a permanent mark in people’s hearts.

The young self-starter was primarily raised by a single mother from whom she draws her STRENGTH. She shares with us that courage and strength are principles her mother instilled in her early on. “My mom taught me to be the BEST version of myself [always],” she adds.


From birth, the budding entrepreneur was surrounded by strong willed women that ultimately helped shape who she is today and continue to influence her view of herself, business, society and the world. “I was birthed [sic] by a phenomenal woman called Dr Marcia Lebambo who transformed me into being this woman who I am today. And I was raised by a team of amazing women, my mom and her sisters taught me how to be independent.”

Life hasn’t always been a walk in the park for Boipelo. She opens up to us about her near-death experience with DEPRESSION and how she continues to overcome it everyday. In recent times, society has, albeit very slowly, carved out little spaces where mental illness and health are discussed openly and practically. Social media has been instrumental in raising AWARENESS and educating people about issues like depression. “Depression [is] never an easy journey. It is not an illness that [just] goes away,” she says. “For me it started from a young age. I did not know I [was depressed] until 2019 when I woke up in a hospital [after] I tried overdosing. We [were] raised by a society that still believes mental [illness] is just a phase.”

Boipelo needs no VALIDATION that she is a better person inspite of these tough experiences. “The struggles I encountered along the way made me realise that I can overcome anything. I am grateful to have walked [this] journey despite how difficult it has been because every pain made me [who] I am today,” she adds.


“Not only did I accumulate Marketing and Advertising skills, but I also learned how to solve problems and create and maintain relationships with clients.”


“I think some start-ups fail because the business owners lacked patience and trust in the process. [Overnight successes] don’t happen overnight.”


“There is a high demand for proper training on how to implement an idea. I think it would help if there was a program to help channel an idea into reality and educate people on how to run a business.”What is your mission with the annual entrepreneurial seminars you host?“My goal is to create a platform that will help birth young entrepreneurs in townships.”

“Your dreams are valid. It took me a million of business ideas to get the right one. It okay to fail but always remember, only you can take yourself out of your background.”

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