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Bethany D: You can’t know me based on my hair.

IG: @bethany_vw

“An independent woman who has learnt how to love herself and her hair. Through the hardships I have endured I’ve managed to push past it and finish school and get my fashion design qualification. Encouraging young woman and men to love who they are and what they have.”

When did your natural hair journey begin? April 26, 2020

What is the one thing you think the natural hair community is hesitant to share? That natural hair is beautiful.

What, in you opinion, is the biggest myth about natural hair? That it’s not beautiful enough and you have to have your hair straightened or damaged in order to fit into society.

Do you agree with the notion “I AM NOT MY HAIR”? I agree. Many people think they know someone based on their hair. They assume type 4 is instantly just associated with a black female. Well I’m here to prove them wrong. I am mixed race and I have type 4 hair. I’ve also witnessed white individuals with type 4 hair and they look amazing.

If you met someone who was thinking of or had just returned natural, what 5 tips would you give them about natural hair care?

  1. Train / Adjust your mindset
  2. Prepare yourself for bad hair days
  3. Be patient
  4. Learn your hair type and the products it needs
  5. Enjoy the journey

What regimen would you recommend for winter? I have low porosity hair – always deep condition, moisturise and hydrate.

Twists, threading or braids? Twists.

High puff, space buns (two puffs) or no puff? High puff.

Braids (micro/box), cornrows or twists the whole day? Twists the whole day sis!

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