In March 2022, type4girl the media (Pty) Ltd announced the launch of its pilot programme, the Basadi Bohlale Collaborative Founders Initiative (also referenced as Basadi Bohlale, the initiative). Directly translated, Basadi Bohlale is Sepedi for Women smart. The name pays homeage to the smart black women primarily targeted by type4girl.

The purpose of Basadi Bohlale is to help women establish and accelerate the digital visibility and presence of their profiles, companies or organisations. This will be achieved primarily by significantly reducing the costs associated with having a blog or website developed or designed or getting a professional email. These brands, individual and otherwise, will become part of the type4girl family and thus enjoy increased visibility to our growing community of women. The Initiative will officially launch in early Jund 2022, and start accepting applications on the 15th of June, 2022.

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  1. Initiative Mandate
  2. Initiative Scope
  3. Collaborative Founder Profile
  4. Applications and Application Restrictions
  5. Onboarding and Benefits
  6. Joining Fees


The mandate of the Initiative is to:

  1. provide a platform for our Collaborative Founders’ (CF) companies, causes, professionals or organizations in the form of a blog landing page on to function as a website or digital point of information;
  2. publish content developed by CF’s for their respective entities or otherwise, or content developed as a collaborative effort between and CF’s for the purposes of creating, supporting or widening the traceble digital footprint of said content and the personal or business brands of our CFs;
  3. help develop, support and further any element of the Integrated Marketing Communications function of our CF’s entities’ by functioning as an on-demand Press Office;
  4. help reduce the financial and administrative pressure associated with building and maintaining a website or domain.


The scope and eligibility requirements of the Initiative are limited to:

  1. persons who identify as black women or women of colour; AND
  2. are 38 or younger, or turn 38 at any time in 2022; AND
  3. wholly, majorly or equally owns or co-owns, founded or co-founded, executively manages or executively co-manages –
    1. a CIPC registered private company that:
      • does not employ more than 3 fulltime employees, OR
      • does not turnover more than R6000 in any month of the tax year, AND
      • the earlier of the dates on which the business started operating or was registered is no earlier than March 2019;
    2. a registered or unregistered Non-Profit Organisation, or an active social cause or campaign that:
      • has been running for no more than 2 years, AND
      • has provable or documented history of programmes, initiatives or drives, AND
      • whose vision or mission mainly speaks to black girls/women or girls/women of colour; OR
  4. Professional women employed in Southern Africa looking to build a brand as a public figure in their respective career or industry,


The Basadi Bohlale Collaborative Founder is an individual who is dedicated or committed to, whether directly or indirectly, using their purpose, talent or time to further the empowerment or development of women.

Our CFs prioritise or seek to (in the future) prioritise the employment, workplace advocacy, education and entrepreneurial development of women through their companies, (and/or it’s socially responsible projects) or organisations.


type4girl. will onboard a maximum of 5 NPOs and 10 private companies between the application period of March 2022 and November 2022 that will form part of our inaugural group of CFs.

The following will apply to applications:

  1. Applications will be closed on the earlier of the occurrence of the following –
    • Once 20 NPO applications and 50 Private Company applications are reached; OR
    • at 23:59 on the 30th of November 2022
  2. Applications forms can be accessed at from June 2nd, 2022
  3. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered


CFs will be onboarded two weeks after the conclusion of two (2) selection phases during the application period which will begin on June 16th and then August 31st.

Initiative benefits include:

  1. become a content partner
  2. priority publishing of any company news (new products, upcoming events) and articles (thought leadership, educational, etc) on;
  3. free advertising in Director Woman Magazines, on our social media, in our newsletter as well on;
  4. a 1-page webpage (similar to this one) on the type4girl website containing your brand logo and general information accessible for up to 2 years without any additional fees;
  5. a email address accessible for up to 2 years without any additional or monthly fees;
  6. discounted access to future programs or digital resources spearheaded, produced or sponsored by type4girl for up to 2 years;
  7. discounted access to any 3rd party or external partner programs or resources for up to 2 years;
  8. custom Canva Media Kit (on request) template including a profile, Press Release, resume and 3x social media (IG) templates.
  9. Curated adverts our soon to be podcast, According to Black Women.


Successfully selected applicants are bound by the agreement included in the application form to be liable for Joining Fees as indicated below:

NPO’s selected to be part of the Basadi Bohlale Collaborative Founders Initiative will be liable for a Joining Fee of R350, payable once-off or in two installments of R200 and R150 in the two months following the notification of acceptance into the Initiative.

Private Companies selected to be part of the Basadi Bohlale Collaborative Founders Initiative will be liable for a Joining Fee of R550, payable once-off or in two installments of R300 and R250 in the two months following the notification of acceptance into the Initiative.

Professionals selected to be part of the Basadi Bohlale Collaborative Founders Initiative will be liable for a Joining Fee of R450, payable once-off or in two installments of R250 and R200 in the two months following the notification of acceptance into the Initiative.