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Ayanda Majola: Yanda Cosmetics & Medicine

Ayanda, 21, is a Medical Science student and the founder and CEO of Yanda Cosmetics. The smart starlet is the epitome of what type4girl envisions, a future where women of colour occupy leadership, power and wealth. She is passionate about helping others and dreams of one day becoming an Oncologist and finding the cure for cancer.

Yanda Cosmetics, based in Alexandra, Johannesburg, is a cosmetic line that creates luxury and organic products at affordable prices. “All of our products are handmade with love.” Yanda ships nationally. For order details, visit their website.

Smart girl, big ideas

Ayanda shares with us that entrepreneurship wasn’t a happy accident for her, it’s something she’s always been intent on exploring. “I have always wanted to become a businesswoman and I have been an avid makeup lover for a long time. One day I decided to try out making my own lip gloss and I fell in love!” she shares on how she first got started making her own products. And her big dreams don’t end with her professional career, she aspires to being a recognised beautypreneur. “My goal to one day have my entire makeup bag filled with only Yanda Cosmetics products. And to own multiple stores across the country and beyond.”

The first 4 hours of Ayanda’s day

“I spend my mornings in class or studying. After that I dedicate all my time to Yanda Cosmetics, whether it’s fulfilling orders, making and testing new products or shooting content. It’s always work work work.”

The challenge of consistent sales

Ayanda has learnt the hard way that the real challenge of entrepreneurship begins once the ‘just start’ high and motivation is at an all-time low. “The biggest challenge I’ve faced since starting my business is staying consistent. Social media [usually] only shows people the positive side of running a business and not the difficult side. Sometimes it’s a great day filled with orders and sometimes we go days without any orders and it’s difficult to stay consistent when you’re not seeing any progress. My advice to any business owner is to trust yourself and your products and always know that today’s bad situation is not permanent.”

Well of motivation

“A black woman I admire is my mother. I admire how she has kept her head up through all the hardships she has faced. She went through a lot as a child but she grew into an amazing woman, mother and wife.”

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