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When defeated

We all experience defeat from time to time – whether it’s from a bad relationship, an un-understanding parent or even a big dream. It seems like sometimes when you feel you finally have it, you are doing what you love, giving GOD the glory and true praise, something goes wrong and makes you feel lost …

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Dance to His jam

What’s your jam? You know that track or album that just makes you so happy, and no matter what’s going on it’s bound to get you on your feet and make you dance like you have no worry in the world. Did you know GOD can create that same feeling? When I was young it …

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Dear James: Can love override money?

If you know me, you’ll know that I always say that “love is dangerous” because people think that love is about looking into each other’s eyes, kissing and all the movie stuff. But love, true love is allowing someone to hurt you but trusting that they won’t, and so for some of us it comes …

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To the Queen, AKC

Have you ever imagined life without your arm? Left or right, doesn’t matter, but have you ever thought of how life would be without it? Exactly. Well, it’s the same thing with my queen. I can’t imagine a life without her.  You know those DRY cliche lines, “words can’t describe how I feel“? I’ll legit …

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S O L’: The Story

Now you may be wondering, “Okay the last time we saw new content was in DEC, where is S O L’?” And it’s true most bloggers and influencers will tell you that leaving the gap I have left is terrible and I admit it is, but because this is a space I love and am …